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S._P.'s party you dead on Wednesday. Now Z. Limping I. He looked at me to be concerned about getting more people than were allowed into the V._I._p.. Area than he had passes for it looked to me like he was dealing with something situation. When I went up to him it looked like like I went in the middle of of logistical situation Cam and I also felt a little bit of the don't ask me about my knee breeze <hes> but we had a nice chat otherwise oh good really what's wrong with what's wrong rams fans? How about that? We're going full. <hes> your your your body for you. Met At dodger stadium the other night saying leaping for the Throne Drumstick drumstick stick out of the hands of Ringo Starr said he went Malcolm Butler on the guy in front of them in jumped at front picked it off our what we talked about. Melvin Gordon last week wants a new deal. He did say he wants to be with the chargers. LONG-TERM WOULDN'T WANNA be does want to who get paid at Mike. You know you've seen what happens equals out <hes> completely different team you know you can't you replace average bax yeah just Klugman but a great back is you can't just replace a great bag and people think you can do that. Is this you can't. It'll be a difference. I it'd be a difference man. You know we do so much. <hes> you know for people to even you know try to devalue values. You know we we we blocked. GotTa run the ball. We gotTA pick up protections. We have to catch the ball. You know we have two receivers. Do we have to do our thing. I mean there's so much that goes through us. You know I I sell people only the hardest position outside running in bed quarterback. That's the only if you have to know so much running back into the next heart condition on you know we should get paid. I agree with him but that's not the way his <hes> league values that position you can ask a whole bunch of running back and is he. This is his time in the barrel right now for a contract extension and <hes> I I say the chargers should pay him now. After I tweeted that we tweeted that video out last last week and I got a lot of blowback on the social media channels and also couple people in the N._F._l.. There are like rich you know he's he's really good but he really only had one great year healthy year that was last year and a bunch of running backs that you you can put together. Maybe they are named Austin actor and and <hes> what's <hes> Jackson Jaren Jackson just justin pardon me Justin Jackson from northwestern who was terrific couple people one fantasy honesty leagues picking him up fifteen sixteen last year so <hes> born all comes down to it weeks one through seventeen. If Melvin Gordon can answer the bell he is terrific better than most and if the chargers WanNa win a super bowl with Philip rivers advancing years and if they want to bust through in this Los Angeles market where Todd Gurley is the todd father and if they want to sell seats in the new stadium which it seems like that that is a goal and has a a little bit of ways to go having Melvin Gordon on everybody's fantasy leagues and everybody talking about him and having him happy and under contract is a way to go now. I know there's a bunch packer fans at one him to come home to Wisconsin. Could you imagine him in Jones. Though that's the point that the chargers can make the draft and Aaron Jones and maybe he can be that guy for a year or two or three on another way out of this <music> but I hope the way out of it for everybody involved as he stays put here because he's a special player when he's healthy ninety two ranking and mad go gordon backing it up. He's fourth very good. <hes> some cool news our Buddy Ryan Leaf tweeted out over the weekend hired by E._S._p._N.. E._S._P._N.. Is a college football analyst for this coming season a awesome good for Ryan leafy has come a long way we love Ryan Lee fear good more to the merging vets and players program here with the Glazer Nate Boyer..

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