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He hasn't really been able to get a ton of live rep. So somebody like am definitely needs more live reps because Henry Anderson gotten, plenty of live rep. So I think you missed one practice, but he's played plenty of live, snaps and Training Camps. So I think that's correct. Element of it as well. You mentioned Henry Anderson playing late into the game. He played Seventeen snaps overall. So it's not like he played at times, not like he played for snaps in the game or anything like that. But I thought I'd the I've got Henry Anderson's look great in the in the padded practices. I think he has a good speed to power. I think it's got a nice inside countermove and one-on-ones that we see come out a lot. I think he's got decent physicality long run. I thought he's been a really good player in practice. So I was really surprised to see him out there for that long. You mentioned that maybe is just learning the defense right? And getting live reps to get the knowledge defense down and and and the framework of it down, but I was definitely shocked to see him out there that long. Yeah. Yeah, I again I was too and I I don't hate Bob's explanation that it, they just he wants more time to get comfortable with the defense and the coaching staff. Applied. Should, I don't think that that's too, outlandish. I really can't think of anything that makes more sense than that. And again, even if that was the case off. He could have had those snaps earlier in the game. So that that one's a little weird not something to to keep an eye on because I think you know going back to Mike Pennell. We all thought Mike Pinella was a lot, right? People talk about him being this great outfit and then I remember eating, you know, just from the beginning, it didn't work out and I know that Anderson's there, but we've seen it happen right? Before defensive tactics. Now, is not the only one. I can't think of any others, you my head Pony, Eliza going one and this has happened a lot at that position in particular with the Patriots were, it just doesn't click with the system and it's not just guys they signed. I mean, my gosh, well, everybody knew he was good at the majors are going to sign it before they signed him and he was the same thing even before the Jets cut him. There were people. I mean, like, like people who know, I think you were one foot faulting you for this cuz I know I brought Henry Anderson was a fit for them for a year. People were saying from the jump. Oh, he's going to get cut by the Jets. He's going to sign with the Patriots. Like this is a guy who was already penciled in as a patriot before. He was a free agent. No, it was the same way. I don't remember as much as Kony Ealy, but, you know, because we've seen that before and I like to say this, all the time, Bill Belichick, you do something as long as he has patterns are going to develop you look for patterns. You can kind of start to predict with the Patriots are going to do. Here is a pattern. Let's see how it plays out the pattern of players. And we can continue to talk about this, as we move backwards into the secondary off, the pattern of players playing late into preseason games for Bill. Belichick always spells, not good things for the player, right? Like that. He is very rhythmic about things like that. But these guys, the only guy that I can remember that played, don't you remember what Jason McCourty was playing in the fourth quarter? That was weird..

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