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Mentor and said wow you know. Stand up comedy comedy competition. I got five minutes. I could do it. I never won. You know but i did get work from that. And i think that's what's most important well if it brought to my attention and we got a chance to work together several several times after that it was worth it. There's also a lot of fun you know see because at that time i was still new business and i get a lot of different types of comics. Different styles of comedy. Well then that brings up a good point because with the wealth of talent that was coming through my clubs which were a rooms people from all over the country but a lot of hollywood celebrities would come through. Who did you get to work with it. Kind of stood out is is memorable for you. Well i did get to work with soupy sales. Oh were you on that last night. Yes classic soupy sales. I met pat paulsen through you. And there's another guy's name. I can't remember but he was really big at the time. The one he's he did a bit about their monkey. My nose oh yes jeff altman. Absolutely it was a para masoum in. My nose was a regular on the letterman show for years. S s altman great guy. Yeah so I always thought what was interesting. Was even though those guys were working for me and i quote unquote was the boss at the time. I was learning a lot about the industry in comedy from them from the early days Bob sag kobe harry anderson. We're kind of teaching me the ropes and showing me the the highs and lows. So i'm sure you picked up stuff from working with lots of comics exactly Before i actually got out on the road once you work with comics editor in club yet see here rose stories. You also get to see how how you handle yourself you see how different compounds so but you choose the one that you want to be like you want to be the the guy who is always you know quote unquote tampering with the matinees or going to be the consummate professional that people can rely on professional. Not always goofball. Well i think that's important that Comics need to decide early on. There's there's a lot of guys that made a great living being antagonistic or or loud or abusive or abrasive. But there's a lot more comics comics that became celebrities by being relatable to the audience. And professional as you would say But we've worked with them all and and had a chance to experience them all and it is a. I've tried to explain to the audience working in a room like laughs unlimited for comics like going to college or university. You're your past the beginning. Open mike thing generally but you're on the path to something bigger and brighter. Hopefully right and You can you can be allowed him brash. Long as that's your persona you know when it comes to comedy basically it's a business like anything else so no one wants to hire someone who's going to be too far out there. You wanna hire someone that you can rely on. It's going to get the labs you know..

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