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Leonhard two hundred thirty five miles in the regular season and playoffs this year on his body there's only one other player that has more mileage than him it's he's a freak to be he's thirty two thirty one thirty two thirty three somewhere around and everything thirty two and his bodies in the best shape it's ever been in he's really lean and i just i marvel at him and i love the debate is he the greatest of all time to me i am a forty year old man so michael jordan will forever hold that mantle to me i'm sorry indiana's y'all love you some larry bird i get it but i love the debate you know being around college kids all the time now cover college football so much i've had this debate with college players many of them about you know they all think lebron's the greatest of all time because that's what they know ehre era of consumer of being a consumer but michael we can't go down this route so listen let rick mears is gonna join us soon and we got hardcore aj fort fan sitting here and and listen i was aj guy and i did not want rick mears the winner fourth indy five hundred i didn't want to four thousand five hundred and but but i love it because it adds to the debate and my point is always nothing is jimmy johnson was calling you because he fits right into this don't get so caught up in the debate of who's the greatest ever that you miss out on watching at least one of the greatest elliott in the moment yeah i'll say it all the time appreciate his greatness because if if it's not jordan it's braun pay and whoever you debating with no what you can do some flowers o k lie special events call for a beautiful bouquet what about vase from one eight hundred flowers dot com right now when you order a dozen gerber will hazies bara we.

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