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The house Judiciary Committee has approved two articles of impeachment against the president the full house is taking up the vote expected to next week house speaker Nancy Pelosi likely has enough votes but there are some Democrats who may break with their party for some moderate Democrats who hail from districts where president trump remains popular next week's impeachment vote is not cut and dry a vote in favor of impeaching the president could cost them in a reelection bid next year house speaker Nancy Pelosi says there will be no pressure put on Democrats in casting their vote she can afford to lose up to seventeen Democrats and still prevail there are six Democrats whose votes are being closely watched Jordan Phelps ABC news Capitol Hill president trump criticizing Democrats said accusing them of drumming up abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges there was nothing done wrong to use the power of impeachment for this nonsense is an embarrassment to this country economists say it is too soon to tell what impact the president's announced phase on China trade deal will have Mason University economist Christine McDaniel says the amounts trade deal is short of details and really only does some of the damage the trade war the president began more than a year ago we still have these terrorists we still have not seen any major movement on China that addresses the original U. S. concerns concerns include China continuing to ignore US intellectual property rights Andy field ABC news Washington the centers for disease control and prevention out with their weekly numbers on the flu saying so far this season thirteen hundred people have died from the flu nationwide the CDC estimates so far this season there been at least two point six million flu illnesses and twenty three thousand hospitalizations federal health workers urging people to still get their flu shots you're listening to ABC news Arizona is a news station Katie a our on air ninety two three FM online A. T. T. A. R. dot com and streaming live on the Katy a our news app your breaking news and traffic it is two oh two good afternoon I'm Becky Lynn here's our top story president trump's impeachment the house Judiciary Committee today approved two articles of impeachment against president trump the committee voted along party lines to send charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress to the full house for a vote Arizona Republican congresswoman Debbie Lesko voted against impeachment and says it's a bad move this is really a travesty for America and it's really tearing America apart the full house is expected to vote next week Katie our eyes on education we now know which schools will be getting extra funding for school resource officers counselors and social workers all in favor say aye the Arizona state board of education voted today to approve the latest round of school safety grant recipients we had over nine hundred schools apply for positions Kelly coal slick with the Arizona department of education says the only had funding to approve three hundred eighty one of these requests she says the application process has shown that there is a fundamental need across the state the board also approving governor Doug Ducey is request that a school resource officer be provided to Wilson elementary school which is in a Phoenix neighborhood with high crime rates result as a team KTA our news a year after former police officer Tembe already was seen on surveillance video slapping a hand cuffed suspect at a Walmart the Phoenix civil service board appealed the decision to bring him back into the Phoenix police department our TV partners at ABC fifteen report that the city previously completed an internal investigation but took no action against BRT councilmember Kurt Kurt magnum this would have gone unnoticed I'm done unless the state became available because it doesn't look like the city had any concerns whatsoever they voted unanimously to up hold his termination gunfire in the loop three oh three near good year yesterday afternoon a man driving a Camaro was shot in the leg by someone in a white Ford F. one fifty with the roof rack it looks like a work truck DPS and police are still trying to find it the man who shot should be okay but the loop three oh three was closed.

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