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In custody after what police said describing as a particularly savage rape in the stairwell of a school which houses multiple school near union square to into and wind reporter kareliya joining us live now with the very latest update guarantee larry this alleged rape occurred in what's known as the grammercy arts high school it in the same building as washington irving high school and it's the campuses right on east seventeen street near union square park the nypd says the victim is a sixteen year old girl the alleged rapists an eighteen year old boy they're both students in that school they know each other he's been identified by the police says schivonne martin he is charged with raping the first degree which is the most serious now i'm talking to students as they're coming out of the school and it's interesting that most of them had never heard about this this allegedly happened monday morning at about eight twenty they hadn't heard about and and then a number of girls especially said they weren't quite sure that it was true listen to this one people say lies honestly doesn't really bother me at all i don't trusted people while the time in our school who they risk for rate while if it's true then i guess that he's a restive so what are we to worry about because there's he was the cause of it doesn't mean other students are going to do a two and so there you have it other students said that aside from this incident that we're talking about they do feel safe after school carol d'auria tension we in sunny 17th street the doe calls the incident troubling and says it is working with nypd now as they conducted an investigation and we'll be.

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