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A fifteen month closure Hawaii's USS Arizona memorial is now re opened a malfunction with the concrete docks anchoring system forced the closure of the memorial to foot traffic in may twenty eighteen exceptionally high tides in twenty seventeen are believed to have dislodged concrete blocks sunk into the settlement of pearl harbor park employees last week installed a visitor ramp for walk on visits to the floating dock and reinstalled the memorials bridge the repair project cost more than two point one million dollars I phones were infected with the spy ware in what Google researchers are calling the worst a general security failure yet affecting apple devices the discovery was made by Google researchers at project zero witch hunts security vulnerabilities in software sensitive data access by the spy ware included what sap iMessage and that telegram text messages G. mail photos contacts and real time location essentially all the databases on the victim's phone the vulnerabilities were quietly fixed by apple in February but only after thou Charlie sheen's had a share of ups and downs and says he's now clean and sober he leads today's birthday round up and says he's happy with the decision that was good yes indeed yeah I have had to be done. I mean done looking had a healthy heart how you doing good I feel good I feel good thank you yeah sheen on extra TV he's fifty four beach boys singer and guitarist al jar dean says he never predicted the more than fifty years of success the groups had and thought he would end up in another profession between dentistry forestry and medicine when we first started out I thought well this is a one hit deal you know I'll go back to school Giardina on voice of America he seventy seven and after a quick McAllen is featured in the new season of the Netflix series mine hunter it's about a pair of FBI agents in the late seventies to interview imprisoned serial killers to help solve cases he says it was a radical approach for the bureau at that time there already convicted right the FBI was in the business of arresting you know perpetrators you know not interviewing them to find out why they committed their crimes Kalayaan build he's fifty six and that's our birthday round up for September third I'm Bob Kessler both fire I've Dimmick wire than AP news been a four bodies have been recovered for other spotted near a die both the caught fire and sank early this morning just off the California coast one crew member twenty nine passengers still missing Coast Guard captain Monica Rochester says the search goes on all the way through the night into the morning but I think we all should be prepared to move into the the worst outcome five crew members were rescued.

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