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Leader Jeannie and then assess claim the interim presidency BBC Candace pie at reports little is known about Bolivia's interim president Shinin on yes but as a former deputy speaker of Congress Mrs on yes just politics has been marked by strong opposition to the former president evo Morales the challenge she now faces is to bring calm to a sharply divided country that has been rocked by protests she's been careful to include the former president's party which is a large majority in Congress but she's made clear that Mr moralis who sought asylum in Mexico will not be allowed to run for president meanwhile Australia's national carrier Qantas has completed an eleven thousand nineteen and a half hour nonstop flight from London to Sydney part of a series of tests to assess the effects of very long haul flights breaking news and analysis at town hall dot com federal health officials reporting dozens more cases of long illnesses despite warnings against vaping another one hundred twenty one cases of vaping related lung damage have been reported in recent weeks by the centers for disease control and prevention which notes that at least that represents a slowdown in the pace of new cases developing most of the people who've gotten sick say they baked products containing THC health investigators think a thickening agent appears to be a culprit since the outbreak began around March forty two people in the U. S. have died and nearly twenty two hundred illnesses have been reported I'm Jackie Quinn Ford recalling over a hundred sixty eight thousand F. one fifty pickup trucks in North America to fix an electrical problem that could cause engine stalling or fires recall covers certain trucks from two thousand nineteen through two thousand and twenty twenty dealers will inspect the battery cable joint and repair if needed more on the story is a town hall dot com.

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