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And then the next thing. We know it's a pumpkin dish. Well, I was asking. So is that going to be our new poll is that going to be on the Bob and Tom Paul do any of you, still deuce? No, no. I don't think that. Do they don't sit around talking about? Yeah. That's true. I haven't asked them lately, if they do, I guess I. Pumpkin pie is a what what attracts men. I mean. Wouldn't there be pumpkin? Everything you could think of to well that there is everything with bacon. Now, we've gone over that. I've said I've said bacon is now jumped the shark. There's bacon flavored everything, but it hasn't really jumped the shark too high because it's still delicious now. But I mean, we remember there's the bacon lube. Pretty good. I think it's a little bit a little bit too pervasive in our culture last time. You had bacon. You probably haven't been picking your head healthy eater. Bacon yesterday morning. Four minutes ago. We actually tried to do we we tried to grind our own bacon. Patties? We did that at the house. The my my girlfriend's on Pinterest. And she has a hamburger and bacon. You put it in the food processor. They're called fifty burgers. They are unbelievable. No, no cheating. This is pure Baker. Those culture bacon. Are they called too? Yeah. Because that's what your cholesterol will be. Okay. I got a new I got into fantasy football name. Just here's an idea. Let's do some more fantasy football name. Okay. Yeah. I've got some over here on a ladies involvement fantasy football go really how about this team name. I touched down there. I like I down there. Beautiful get it. Of course. Nothing. If you're watching comedian who said get it. Sucks. We're trying to get the show back on track rainy show..

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