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The intelligence agency so far aren't managing to do enough and that the social media companies are not so far regulated in a way that could prevent this over the last we've been reporting that south african president jacob zuma has been ordered to resign by his own party and a few hours time we may finally find out if you'll do just that presidents who was expected to hold a news conference on wednesday morning after a meeting with an see party leaders here's our africa editor for cocaine it's been disclosed here that he will meet the top six leaders of the african national congress including the man who would be his political nemesis civil rama polls at the organisation's president and at that point will give his response what we do know up to now is that he is saying he will not resign and if the anc wants to force him from office they're going to have to do that he can fight if he wishes but this is only going one way this story will end with the removal of jacob zuma from the presidency the question is does he bike hanging on splits the african national congress africa's oldest liberation movement he still has don't forget quite a substantial degree of support in the party the question is whether over the last months and sivaram oppose that has taken over in of people have seen which way the wind is blowing and will now lineup be kind center i'm oppose and critically if it gets to a motion of noconfidence in parliament we will decide that they can vote along with opposition mps to remove jacob zuma from office the family of a british iranian woman imprisoned in tehran has appealed to the united nations to intervene in her case saying her treatment amounts to torture netherlands agai ratcliffe is serving a.

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