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At naval station, El Centro when Trump arrived on Air Force One this morning. The president shaking some hands greeting his supporters here, and there are supporters lining some of the intersections that are around the naval air facility, El Centro. Those folks were here bright and early this morning with American flags and they're making America, great, hats, t shirts and slogans that they had posted up there. President right now still making his way through the crowd pretty good sized crowd here. The see we're looking at probably about two hundred or so people that are in the crowd shaking hands with the president excited that he is here in the southern California area and El Centro, the president spent nearly two hours in collect Chico and then return to Air Force One in El Centro and flew to LA for a fundraiser. Tonight officials have closed the professional studies in fine arts building San Diego State until Monday due to foul odors, repairs being made on the building created an irritating odor that costs students and staff to complain while the work has since been completed and short term exposure to the vapors is not toxic SDS. You says they wanna play it safe. Do you ever think to yourself, man? I wish I had more time to do that CBS news piper tells us it turns out a lot of us think that way do you wish you had more free time. You are not alone. A survey by one poll, which interviewed two thousand people found fifty nine percent of us. Find it difficult to balance work and personal schedules. The average American claimed are so busy that they only get about twenty six minutes of free time a week when it comes to balancing time, we on average have fourteen things on our to do lists. That were not actually doing. What's being put off most cleaning and household repairs? Matt piper CBS news. Here's news as Heather Myers with your micro-climate forecast. Cloudy skies out there, and we did see some sprinkles.

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