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Threat so italy on the ten th wrong gate italy rome italy vienna on the 14th fifty this munich sixteen his essen seventeen is amberg eighteen is gank come check us out go to faa's rock dot com for all tickets and come a rock with us vip style would you the best vip meet and greet in the business with a pre show many concert on every show on every stop so come out and hang out with us here's an songs of knock replaying during the sat at any of the time so over favor covers income beat the bannon nudge combined with us and as we've got a great new record judas which is out now it is numbered thirty six of a billboard charts judith song as number eight this myintu the fall of single vote judas built palance right ear on talking jericho oh my god for me god all right that's painless new from faa's the on the judas record which is out now number thirty six on the billboard charts is pretty huge get a wherever you buy your music idc's amazon best by f wii all the usual places alright aunt it's coming up later in the show i've got big news about chris jericho's rock and rusting rage or at sea a big announcement is coming up involving ring of honor and a few of the names will be competing in the sea of honor tournament that is coming up also coming up robs eric from live paranormal but first a quick thank you.

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