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Satisfy those needs and so insurance industry has been a tremendous adopter of mobile advertising particularly because silicate. That's what it need. Yeah i think the notion of targeting for mobile and understanding the user behavior of where somebody actually is as relevant. We've talked a little bit about that on this podcast. Various marketing channels. Where you can figure out if someone is attending an event and putting a targeting list together or if they've been exposed to an advertisement because they're within sort of geo fence lots of location based data targeting priorities. What i wish would happen was that there would be a carrier based experience based on location data when i get home. I want to see these as my default apps or at my remote control. My smart home controls my twitter feed. And when i'm at work. I want all the business things to be present. Now it turns out. I work from home most of the time so that gets a little complicated but for most people and for me sometimes. There's a traditional offices. Well when you're thinking about the location data and what you've seen from user behavior is there another iteration and went as my smartphone gonna know that i want to control my home not my office. Well first of all hold on. Let me go get my chronic manager. He can write down. Those product was. I think i can email you the notes that i want. Fantastic so we're already starting to scratch the surface in a lot of services are we're not the only ones but because of our curated relationship because of being on the device because of the user opt in we have this ongoing dial with the consumer throughout the day users may interact with content a dozen or more times a day right. They've opted in they said. Yeah when i unlocked only something that's meaningful so as a result what we try to do both from editorial curation programming and also through personalization we try to satisfy that commitment and it's obviously location for content on local events obviously whether local deals is very popular right whereas the lunch deal today that i can get prize for a dollar or a burger or two but also coupling that with time of day. What is the date delivery investing. So whether it's in the morning pretty straightforward. But it's also the night before helmet gonna address the kids for school like ten minutes before it rains. We're having a pretty good snowstorm here. We're in dc. And the snow's coming down. The federal government is closed among podcast district. I appreciate it. I'm in northern california. What does this snow thing. You're talking about it's white and fluffy sorry everybody. So we're certainly trying to bridge that gap in terms of a sort of a time of day awareness and location awareness around a on alexa. Siri google type user to and so there certainly is the kennedy or carriers to more fully embrace that mindset and bring more and more sparks to the overall handset experience. We're approaching it with content and with information and awareness on gangs by. I think this is really just the tip of the iceberg to that broader mindset. One of the things that i've been thinking about a lot lately. We've moved into a new home. Finally -gratulations thank you. It's a long process three years to build a home and been working on a lot of smart home automation so my home knows when at sunset and starts turning on the outside lights things along those lines and understanding the context of time. And you know when you're using a mobile device location seems like it's very relevant and something that is going to continue to be a point of iteration for brands because that's something that the technology is going to understand so we understand how that context is being understood by technology and how important it is consumers and our next episode. We're going to talk a little bit. About how marketers are taking advantage of those changes in context and being able to understand what it means from a marketing perspective. And that wraps up this episode of the mar tech podcast. Thanks to adrian veldt highest the chief revenue officer at mobile posse for joining us in part two of our interview. Which we're gonna publish tomorrow. Adrian is going to talk to us about how marketers and mobile carriers are intersecting. The mobile unlock screen. If you can't wait until our next episode. And you'd like to learn more about adrian. You can click on the link to his linked in profile in our show notes. You could send him. The tweet has handle is av dutch. Av d. u. t. c. h. Where you could visit his company's website which is mobile posse dot com and especial. Thanks to hub spot for sponsoring this podcast. If your ready to understand how all of your marketing and sales activities are driving revenue to your business. So you can either take credit or course correct your marketing strategies. The new ready for hub spot. Crm with integrated multi touch attribution reporting to learn more about how you can scale your company without scaling complexity. Good hub spot dot com and also a special thanks to wicks for sponsoring this podcast. When your agency partners with wicks you can unlock an entire digital ecosystem for creating managing and growing your online business. So you can run your agency the way you've always wanted to get the full coding and design freedom to create anything. Your clients need along with the tools to manage and collaborate with your team effortlessly and seamlessly from anywhere. And when it comes to growing your business you can get match with new leads. Earn revenue share and get an account manager dedicated to your success. So you can reach your goals and start setting new ones to reimagine what your agency can accomplish head over to wicks dot com slash partners. That's wicks w i x dot com slash partners. Just one lincoln our show notes. I wanna tell you about if you didn't have a chance to take notes while you're listening to this podcast head over to mar tech pod dot com. Marta c. h. p. o. d. dot com. We've summaries of all episodes contact information for our guest. You can sign up for our once a week. Newsletter you can even your topic suggestions or your marketing questions which will answer live on our show. Of course you can always reach out on social media as well. Our handle is mark tech pod again. Marta c. h. p. o. d. on linked in twitter instagram facebook. Pretty much everywhere. And if you wanna reach out to me directly my handle is benjy shop. Be n. j. s. h. a. p. and if you haven't subscribed yet and you on a daily stream of marketing and technology knowledge in your podcast feed in addition to part two of our conversation with adrian valdez chief revenue officer at mobile posse. We're gonna publish an episode every day this week so hit the subscribe button and your podcast app and check back with us tomorrow morning okay. That's it for today but until next time my advice is to just focus on keeping your customers happening.

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