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Welcome back to a Monday feels like Wednesday because it's a short week edition of the show way have been whipping through the show. We were just talking about all the break how fast the show has gone, and it has And that's partially because we're talking about fun stuff. Christmas movies. Holy mackerel! The text line is on fire. Here we go gave this one. Hey guys. My top three Christmas movies are the ref with Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary Scrooged with Bill Murray and Home alone the first one Kevin Spacey is not in the movie. No, I'm just kidding. He has really in the movie in the raft. Yeah, he's not in Elvis meets Nixon, though. The bad movie that I watched. Not in that one. Um I the ref? I don't think the ref is a Christmas movie. I've never seen the rough. It's a good I think it's a good movie. It's a good movie, if you like, uh, kind of one of those dysfunctional war of the roses type couples. Situation. You know what I'm talking about. It's about a married couple who hate each other. But it's very entertaining cause Denis Leary's really funny in it. And then they love each other with the end. Is that the idea? I don't remember. I don't remember the end of the ref. I haven't seen it in so long. That's the quality of a Christmas movie. You have to have that emotional ending where you're half crying, half smiling. Well, Dave, this one. Here's ah, texture from 2170. Mandy Die hard isn't a Christmas movie because I cried during Christmas movies and I don't cry watching die hard. How could you be so heartless as to not cry at the end of die hard? It's such an emotional masterpiece. Just kidding. It's not another, 1715 says, Die hard, not a Christmas movie, because it wasn't yippee Kai ay Santa Claus. He does have a point with that one. Here's one for you, Dave from 3845. If Diehard isn't a Christmas movie that neither is home alone, go Okay. Home alone is a Christmas movie, because first of all, the whole concept of the movie is being home or not home for Christmas. The movie doesn't exist unless you have that premise. Also you have the emotional ending with the next door neighbor who's the grump, and they both make each other feel wonderful and hug and everyone cries and left And that's a Christmas movie. It's also a Christmas movie, because if everybody wasn't away for Christmas vacation, the wet bandits would not have been working the neighborhood. I mean the opening scenes. Yeah, is everyone's getting ready for Christmas? I mean, that doesn't make it by itself a Christmas movie, But the whole thing is all the songs of Christmas songs. It's Christmas movie. All right. Uh, this from 579 Over the year without Santa Claus is the best animated Christmas movie. I don't think so. I am a traditionalist in that. I believe that the Charlie Brown Christmas Is the perfect classic animated Christmas movie. It's not the most, you know, visually stunning animation, and it never has been, but it's not designed to be But overall, the Peanuts Christmas special encapsulates the real honest to goodness meaning of Christmas. And I think by far the best animated Christmas movie is the Peanuts movie Grant. Give it a shot better than the original Grinch animated shows. Oh, man, I think that is my favorite. Well, you could be wrong about that. It's Z. You know, whatever. You feel good about us. Okay, this one said a year without Santa Claus is the best animated Christmas movie. I have that tape right now on my DVR Because Chuck says he's never seen it. I'm like, How have you never see? I'm missed a heat. Miser, I I missed a heat. I don't think I've ever seen that. I've never seen it either. Must be a Southeast Ohio thing. No what it was on regular TV every year. During the Christmas specials. Help you guys never seen that? Because it was too busy watching a Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim news best. Whatever. Anyway, let's go to the phones. Let me get Marshall on line. 1303713 85 85 is the number he marshal Even me. What's on your mind, friend here means I sure can go right ahead. Okay? I just I want to make the case for the Bill Murray moved Scrooged. I mean, I know the comedy, but it touched upon the allegory that Dickens was kinda put forth about, you know? Being greedy and selfish, like hearing about your fellow man, and then it has that line where his dad says. All day. I listen to complaints. My knickers, my backer. I'm only four. It's the classic. It'll come here. Wait a minute. I just watched Scrooged maybe last weekend weekend before and I'd forgotten how entertaining it was. I'd forgotten how this CASS twas the cast is fantastic, except Karen Allen cannot act. She can't activate it. Brady is a lost art. Can't she just She cannot act and I I the whole time. I'm watching. I'm like, Wow. I never realized how outclassed she is with everybody else in this cast. You know what? Maybe I got a big movie. I know I I don't know how that happened, but anyway Okay, two and three. Make it quick. So you get the other caller, Um Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer where Yukon Cornelius has bumbled about. And now, um the Grinch and you know the three words to describe the Grinch best. Mm. Sink, think stuck. No doubt it rather Okay. You got him in. Thank you very much, ma'am. Have a good holiday you to appreciate it. Let me get Jared. Let me talk to him. See how he's doing in Boulder over there. Hey, Jared, how are you doing? Hanging great, Mandy. Very Christmas to you and your family. Merry Christmas. Back to you And yours, Jared. You know what I want to watch a big Christmas movie. I just just turn on the Hallmark Channel. And just whatever they have on all you sitting watch for hours and hours. Unless the acting is just too terrible or the plotline is just overly cheesy. And then I will have to wait. Jared, I have to ask. Follow up question after the overly cheesy comment What which Hallmark movie is not overly cheesy? Is that the one where the girl loses or law or or is divorced and then runs into an old flame only to realize that she says, feelings for him and Oh, my gosh, is that mistletoe then you're right. They're for the Hallmark Channel, obviously, but see, here's the thing. I've had it with you, Jared, When you watch a Hallmark movie, you know what you're going to get your the good guys going to get the girl. Everybody's gonna be happy. There's going to be mistletoe and presents and everything is gonna be great at the end. It's kind of a nice escape. Yeah, I guess what I would say overly cheesy. I won't seem like bad hair and makeup. That was a good one that maybe laugh a little too hard. I don't know why, but I know exactly what you're talking about. Perhaps that's why I'm like God was totally from today on this one. Yeah, that never mind. You know, home for Christmas. Obviously.

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