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She'll don't pay don't vinyl. Go rhino. Seven fifty three trying to get into town. It's pretty tough northbound south. Let's check it. Now. Traffic and weather together. Subaru retailers England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes. Where to begin day south of the city. We have a couple of crashes on ninety five northbound backed up from route one twenty three to a crash before the Mansfield rest area and then slow from south main street to one twenty eight twenty eight northbound delays from route ninety five to route twenty with a crash along the way after university of lower into ninety three northbound is backed up from route twenty four onto the expressway. The expressway northbound a pretty tough ride. Most of the way from there into the Neal tunnel to find out what's happening around downtown. We check in with my free insurance road report like this ninety three south trying to get out of the start of the lower deck. It's almost back to one twenty eight and reading at this point. Now, the Tobin bridge inbound is crawling sergeant street over onto the Charlestown side, the summer tunnel, Ted Williams tunnel westbound or both back onto the highway. One eight south continues to crawl at Abell circle down toward Boardman street. Kristen. Frei insurance rotor, David straw, Felino. WBZ's traffic on the threes. Right. Thank you very much now time for the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Not too much in the forecast. The next few days team Davar. Very little if any in several these days, Nicole to be honest. We're seeing this steady rain and drizzle slide off now to the east still kind of hanging on city and some of the south coast and Cape communities here the smarting, but what will be left in its wake is just a chilly dreary day. Low clouds, maybe a little bit of drizzle fog..

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