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From W. NYC in New York this is on the media Brooke Gladstone is out this week I'm Bob Garfield in the course of the covert nineteen pandemic we've seen all manner of messaging from political leaders perhaps none so telling as the declaration this week from British prime minister Boris Johnson you put up with all the hardships of that program the social distancing because you understand that it's the only way to defeat the corona virus the most vicious threat this country has faced in my lifetime well done you lock your perseverance and sacrifice have saved our nation now please stop persevering we said that you should work from home if you can only go to work if you must we now need to stress that anyone who called work from home for instance but using construction or manufacturing should be actively encouraged to go to work this is what they call a mixed message which is what tends to happen when politicians are forced to make the stark choice between the public's immediate welfare and political ideology or the outlook for the next election here in the USA this week a conservative majority Wisconsin Supreme Court in overturning the democratic governors science informed decision privileged the right to roam freely over the right to not be fatally infected by a loved one or random stranger major decision on stay at home orders that could reverberate nationwide the Wisconsin Supreme Court overturning the state's mandate to stay at home as unenforceable under state law.

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