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Oh i think that she might have been a stripper or maybe even a prostitute she wears a lot of makeup and she has kind of real hot edge to his girlfriend sis so it was like guy from before drags us now he was like okay that's weird so he he goes up in the confidence about it and goes into his girlfriend's apartment but he says when he end his bobbers apartment it's like brand new like it looks like it's been freshly renovated everything's freshly painted and plotted the flaws of strip down von ish it's got a new kitchen you like everything's new he psych i've never seen a student apartment this amazing what's the rent how much do you pay for rent and she gives him the number and it's like hoffe what you'd pay it is the most ridiculously good deal you've ever heard and he's like how the hell did you find the spice it's amazing it's brand new and it's so cheap and she said oh i just saw it on a bulletin board at tulane university lucky and he starts to question of moi's like d do you know who owns and she says oh no i just went through an attorney who can agent who deals with the apartment i don't know who owns it and he notices a smell in the apartment and he's like a you biking bread smells like biked bredon here and she says on is it ye st is that what he's describing it's just smells like bread and she's like well yeah i'm actually biking bread okay that's interesting why she says well when i first got into the apartment it had this residual oda and i also the people in the building and i said well if you bake bread gets rid of this otis on breaking bread and he says as she continued to talk about the apartment it became clear that the apartment had a bit of a wheat history to it it had been vacant and off the market for several years before she rented it and during that time it had been you know thoroughly renovated thoroughly reconditioned but despite the fresh pint von ish.

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