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To have all these people behind you whether you speak to them once a month or once a year or every other year. They're still there for you and you can always reach on this long lasting relationships. Yeah i guess. That's that's part of the ongoing nurturing in the. I'm glad you said that. Debbie because sometimes can get so focused on our our career that we forget about the the industry at large. And that's really a nice testimony to help you do. That's what it takes we. We need to be involved in doesn't matter whether were onsite site where corporate as you mentioned you've been on both part you know industry partner side there. They all play such a pivotal role. I don't know what i would do without my local apartment association in my institute real estate management. That georgia chapter here with deborah. Westfall and dr debbie and the list goes on and on and on of what we have here locally in in georgia and yeah being able to participate. You know both mark. And i we've been invited to other apartment associations for for speaking engagements and that's just expanded that network and has given us so many more Opportunity so you know. I appreciate you sharing that that wisdom. Because you know it's it's it's not something that you can just do once in a while. It just needs to be a lifestyle. I don't know what you guys. If you guys feel that way what your thoughts are on that. I do i think it is. I think it's it has to become part of who you are. In when i think of networking i think of it in everything that i do. You know. even if i'm on my personal time war i am in my professional sort of hat it is. Am i being genuine being good at my helping someone in my mentoring someone am. I leaving something behind. I think as humans. That's what we should be hoping that we're doing is looking at every opportunity when we're meeting someone to ask them like what is it you do. How can i help you. You know because when you've been in the industry as long as we have. I think it's almost like this sort of what's the word i'm looking for. It's kind of. It's a we we need to do it. You know. it's it's our obligation to make sure that we are setting up the younger generation to be great. You know and i don't mind. I'm meeting young people or new people that are in the industry. I always say like if there's anything i can do to help you. Please let me know. I truly want to share my my network. My if there's anything valuable still left in this old head. I want to share it because like i'm going to be in the hut right next to debbie one day and and i want to hope that the industry that we have worked so hard for is still operating the way. We want it to write debbie so we have to instill our behaviors in someone. It's like having children. We leave behind so angry and you would not believe people in. The industry reached out to me for advice. You know or go to link didn't just chat me up a mess. Did just basically where i've been. Why did you have any advice for this. And i and like you said i love it. You know that's one of the things that people say..

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