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We'll do it online. And then shortly thereafter we realized zoom is not a place for six hour seminar particularly since the kids. Were already zoomed out. From all of the schoolwork they ended up doing online and slowly but surely as a result of that we created tribe. Talk which is really an information hub as well as a connection in all. Stay with you if it's okay. Let's define the challenge. The problem where tribe talk can certainly make a difference so let me start by saying not every student who goes to college ends up being confronted by anti semitism anti zionism that is certainly not the case and a lot of students go to school and have a great experience and don't really have any sort of interaction with any negative experiences however many jewish students are faced with some form of antisemitism somewhere along the way their college experience and unfortunately they're getting it from the extreme right and extreme left so on the right. They're seeing a misses a rip down from their door frame or they're seeing a swastika on a building that they attend like a hill l. On the left denouncing zionism has really become a litmus test in many schools for students to participate in a social justice activity. And so for example. There was recently an op. Ed in an arizona state university student run paper that cell said that student groups should refuse to co sponsor events with pro israel groups. So that means. If you're pro. You shouldn't be allowed to participate in climate change or raising the minimum wage or other things that affect students that have nothing to do with being jewish being israel but you're being marginalized unless you wanted denounced zionism and there are many many examples of that. That have happened over the last year or last few years. And that's really what students are facing both from the right and from the left. We have a friend whose daughter came back from christmas break and said that over spring break she was going to go on birthright and her four roommates. Stop speaking to her. Why because they said if she was going to go to israel than she was anti-palestinian and couldn't talk to her and her attitude was not anti anything. I just want to go and learn and see and they said sorry. If you're going to go to israel we can't speak to you anymore. That is happening on college. Campuses as my oldest son. Evan was preparing to go to college. He's first your student at tufts university. We have the benefit of meeting with someone about track talk Who talked to us about the campus environment and one thing that was really concerning to me as he said the jewish students feel left out of progressive students spaces so of my son wants to rally for immigration reform immigration reform that could be sponsored by s j p which is an organization that he probably doesn't know what it's all about or what it stands for and he shows up promoting israel he's gonna be targeted with the star on his back no pun intended in. I think it's really important for us to know how there's this. One person termed baseball card activism. So a lot of these groups are organizing themselves together. And they're they're leaving. In some instances the jewish students out in and i think that The other thing i learned at talking to him was that when things do occur in the administration is always eager to respond and respond appropriately..

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