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Judge the Japan Alawite after a good night played by William Randolph early roster Richard lagrange this is John wall saying good night for the Kraft Foods company makers of the famous line of crap quality food products tomorrow night William Bendix of the L. Jolson's guest on the crap music call heard over this NBC station I listen in next Wednesday and every Wednesday for the further adventures of the great Gildersleeve this is NBC news the national broadcasting company and that's the great Gildersleeve from October twenty ninth nineteen forty seven it's called the Halloween party starring help Terry and in that cast their queue Brian Ross Lillian Randolph Louise Erickson Richard like brand and Walter Tetley Walter Tetley was leroy that was sponsored by Kraft is heard on N. B. C. well in just a few minutes we'll tune into mystery in the air starring Peter Lorre stick around more Hollywood three sixty after these important messages experts are predicting a brutal cold and flu season that number one flu symptom is fever so use a thermometer proven accurate by more than seventy clinical studies we can't always predict the flu season but we can always prepare for it with the ex Surgeon temporal scanner meet ana sees sleeping while wearing an always overnight pads again when she's having a good night's sleep she talks thinking I'm a fraud a lot and she's sleeping really well you said you'd come.

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