Ukraine, President Trump, Hunter Biden discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Like a lot of money away to Ukraine and other places you want to see your country that's going to be not the president is a good man he got elected on the fact that he was going to get rid of corruption in Ukraine and that's I think the primary reason he got elected so we give selected on the basis of ending corruption in Ukraine well I think that's good and that's what I want to see but when Biden does a thing like that it is still corruption and that's not good. the question will be who is hunter Biden what did he do all I know that he did it he took a job on the Ukrainian big gas natural gas company for fifty thousand dollars a month for five years so that you do the math of your Steelers fan fifty thousand dollars a month what is that that's three million dollars a year for five years fifteen million dollars why was hunter Biden hired for that. did Joe Biden's intervention with the Ukrainian government have anything to do with that company and hunter Biden second question. we got on tape an admission of what he did and then what a drum set we'll find that out too you'll find out that really factor dot com works if you'll try it the starter pack of nineteen dollars and ninety five cents a starter pack is what makes it work for you the starter pack is the way to go all you have to do is get that starter pack from relief factor that come give it three weeks nineteen dollars and ninety five cents like carrying American Rivera Chalker come in the for natural supplements the combined provide support for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains that are plaguing a weather in Minnesota but they're driving around in Florida you're making a long commute from the Inland Empire in LA or Orange County. you're stuck on the ninety one you're stuck on the fifty five you're stuck on the tent of the sixty wherever you are in the United States if you're driving right now on your near in the middle of Atlanta yeah I to give relief factor dot com I tried to set Talbot put this together and works for you so.

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