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Done this once before this is the second time we've done on the show I, own this game. Now are we gonNA play three rounds that we're going to do this and do the winner G-? What's the winner get? What's the winner yet respect? No no, that's not good. That's not that's not useful I want that's why I want to win. All that perhaps once hasn't been. On. Me Give. Let's do whoever wins the other to have to do a drawing with their finger on their phone and send it to him into text and has to be something encouraging. Nice. That's what you get. Okay. That's nice. Yeah. I like that. All right and encouraging drawing sent from your. Drawings. The SINOPHOBIC your NFL guy. So the the first round. Was the first one. We're doing name more films from an actor's resume than your opponents. So you show the actor. Yes, and then we'll start with actually goes first. Then me them brad go around and if you can't think you're out okay I'll go first because I'm the least go to save versus the glory position in this. Oh The glory serve. Factor. The actor Ashley Round One. Is Gene Hackman Gene, Hackman. All right. Go who is that? Actually is already he's the coach in Hoosiers you can use that I don't even know what that coach and hoosiers. Hoosiers they want it's called hoosiers right. I will go with the French connection who the French connection I will go with. It just like left my mind up Brad out. No, he gets a second. Crimson tide. Oh Yeah. All right actually what he got nothing. I don't know who this person is. I'M GONNA go with Superman one. I'm going to go superman to I'm gonNA, go with. He was all four winning superman three. A superb four. Okay and then I'll be. There's a ton more in my head I keep thinking of one and I can't think of which one thinking. Oh I'll go with unforgiven dance. That's what I was going to say next he hasn't acted in so long that. He's not really disappointed and I know 'cause he's got a lot of huge resume I got were resume right now. With one more than you'd be. The quick and the dead. CAPRIO adjust and I was a good one. All Right Justin, you took around one year all. Urgency Superman yeah. Often. Do they all four of them and around the Royal? TENENBAUMS ooh right I didn't think of World Tenenbaum's Moose Port Remember Port actually with Ray. Romano. Mafia films replacements with Keanu. WHAT'S THE NEXT ONE? Gives us an allowance go doing a different round. Where we go you take the actor he'll show you an actor. Ashley and then you have to say a movie actors in than I have to say an actor from that movie and then movie I liked that one that was easier for me. I think I hope I shouldn't say that all right number two. Your actor you get start with is Lawrence Fitzgerald Matrix though metrics I'm GonNa go with Carryanne Moss. Cheap in it, I'm GONNA go with the Red Planet. One of the Batmans was in this movie kilmer. Good job. I'M GONNA go with the Saint Saint because his last good movie Elizabeth Shue. Adventures, adventures in babysitting. Crept Nats Hardwood Oh. No. You know who is in that movie was Vincent Enough Rio. He was Thor Vincent Prieto I. AM going to go the cell. ooh Wait to bring it full circle. Jennifer Lopez I'm GonNa go maid in Manhattan I'm GonNa. Go with ray fines, English patient patient. With that one and not Harry Potter he's Poltimore. Yeah I. Don't see I don't know who else is in the English br I think win with that when because I don't know who else was in the English patient one. Of Burnett. I can picture one actress. I've never seen the movie. Really. It's really good. Point actually has a point how I don't know how I'm terrible at this game. If you win the next one, Brad, we have to play a tiebreaker round. All Right which which game we were playing last when do six degrees you gotta? You GotTa do it in six degrees or less now don't you pick up two cards and you have to? Ask less our first actor or actress is Sigourney, weaver, whose that. Weaver United, Sigourney Weaver, and terrible with names guys. Names Aliens. Busters. Aliens can look on her face withdrawing suck. These are like horrible drawings and second one. Kurt Russell. Kurt Russell. Do it too. So I went sigourney weaver Alan Rickman and Galaxy Quest? Alan Rickman Tom Celik, and Quigley down under new Tom. selleck to the Mustache Guy. You know the dude Samuel Elliott and the sack it's and then Sam Elliott Kurt Russell in tombstone I went sigourney weaver and Bill Paxton, and Aliens, Bill, Paxton Occur Russell in tombstone, and then Bill Paxton, the what curse on Tombstone Oh. Yeah. So it is a breaker we have to have. One to actor movie your actor is Alba Chino the godfather right. I've never actually seen the Godfather I'll go with Robert duvall open range. Q. Movie going to get Brad the point here. You can give the point because you can't think. Of Kevin, Costner Guy. Which, Guy Rubber Oh Man Maverick days of Thunder Oh. Okay. I can give you another one. It would make it easier forty if you want, and this is not gonNa make easy gone. What I was GONNA gun sixty seconds gone in sixty seconds Kiana reese. No. Are Correct you did identify. Just. Supposed to be Nicholas Cage. Brad wins he gets encouraging. In Brad encouraging. Sure. In the drawings, it's better to be a drain. All I wanted was respect. You get drawings become a patron of the show. Yes. Can you get all sorts of benefits like my can give us a topic this idea top this you get to be the first one to hear the bonus episodes. Before anybody else. and. You can come on the show and play sinophile with. If, you become a.

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