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That islam is essentially just a tweak to kick christianity is not much different route as a matter of fact john mary and it's a said according to them according to both of those religions it's a sin he that he and that haiti the center right like you supposed to add show love towards people who are sitting in these religion religion are held by and people suck why are definitely some problems with people there's no doubt about hair that's that's only the only point on trying to make his is that it is a fair guess that if you're a gay person and you're around a large amount of people religious be they be very traditional conservatives christians or um islam muslims or or whatever that it's not gonna be very pleasant if you happen to be in a country that is controlled by people of these religions specifically islam because i haven't heard of any you know a traditional christian country executing any gays anytime recently for that it's been decades certainly great britain and the the touring guy there's a good argument for that one but um you know it's it's the muslim countries that are swinging the axe according to uh let's see here uganda which is definitely an anti gay country instead anti gay country but it does there's both muslims there are tricia navy major religion there so let's go to surf daddy in ventura california you're on free talk live fellow surf daddy outgoing pay you what's on your mind tonight i've been.

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