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I don't know. Season is the first is amazing. And then Bryan, Cranston created the show. But Margo Martindale is in this show. And she's is there the one bond company, she and her husband, it's all about being bonding. Really kind of it's just a con long con. It's too wild. Spoiler alert to say, Giovanni character stole somebody else's sanity. Okay. So it is a and, but it is like there's a con con within a condom you. The gal from the Americans who Martha member. She got sent to Russia, and she fell in love with Clark who was. And British accent. Yeah, she's really great. It's this kind of got some interesting character. So anyway, here's Margo Martindale because she's on Seth Meyers. And she does always play. I mean she's in her sixty and she's consistently working on a good fi. Yes. So many could show so here, she is. I feel like you're this incredible run of really a three dimensional characters that, that maybe didn't exist for a female actors in the past you were wonderful unjustified before then you play the KGB agent on the fantastic Americans are you so happy that these roles exist right now in different than when you first started out as up play very nice next door. Neighbor for so many years, very, very happy to be murdering people. Stone cold in justified. On the Americans. And I've had I've talked to two other actors feel like it was this show, that was, so beloved really nail the ending were you just be so satisfied relieved when a show ends that nicely. It ended with such class and understated and boy, I could almost tear up thinking about how it ended you as a cagey Beijing. I know I heard you made one request that the show creators did not grant. Well, I wanted to slit yet another throat. Yeah. Do it. Do any of course she, I mean I do that. I know that people didn't watch like it wasn't a huge, huge show. Maybe it'll give big when American streams on Netflix. Sure. But that show is so how it sets. Where we are with Russia, how that even started like from back in the late seventies, it shows where where we end up going. If you were going to be in the if it makes any sense at all because it's all this stuff in the playbook. Is this? It was incredible incredible. So here, she is talking about, she got priests from an ex KGB agent about who has shoes KGB handling her Russian assets. Who are, you know, the Keri Russell character and Matthew Reese, you know how they're pretending to be Americans but they're really not actually got some very high praise for your a portrayal of the KGB agent from someone on the street. KGB Asia X stopped me several times, really tell me, you're the real deal. Wow. It seems to me.

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