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Well I will go back it is the Ben Ferguson show on I get asked all the time by people they say been what can I do to support this president stand by this present help this president are and it is a great great question I what I can tell you there's two things are going on right now with a organization that we have gotten involved with it it's called a mac it is a conservative organization that fights for our values they have an incredible team in Washington that is standing up to make sure our voices are being heard now they start out as a conservative alternate A. R. P. A. R. P. has been helping with the impeachment of trump they've been fighting the re add to overthrow the trump tax cuts they were also helped write obamacare A. R. P. has also gave massive amounts of money to candidates and supported Planned Parenthood and supported even infanticide they are now focusing on fighting for this president and making sure that all of our voices are heard in Washington on this issue of impeachment giving and supporting these congressmen and senators are fighting to protect this president and fighting to make sure that our voices are not canceled out in our votes are not cancel now if you want to stand with the president I would encourage you right now to join a mac and I'm gonna give you a one year membership for free you'll get their TV show that I that I actually host you get their magazine are they will keep you up to date on what's going on you get email alerts on impeachment information that you need to know about it now legislation that can affect you you also get incredible discounts and deals on different things from travel to hotels rental cars to roadside assistance I just like you do with a a RP except they're the conservative organization we are now two million strong and growing if you have not joined a mac and gotten this when you're free membership do it now we've tried to make the website easy for you to remember if you're driving so we have made it so easy that hopefully you can just remember it while you're driving it's Ben free online dot com W. W. W. dot then free online dot com W. W. W. dot then free on line dot com go there share with your family share it with your friends okay make sure that they know about this as well because we're we're in an all out war right now with the extreme left we just start wearing a full all out war and the left is prepared and there are no rules there's nothing that they won't do they weaponize the government the deep state they will put people in jail just because they stand next to Donald Trump they will come after you and try to ruin your life they will try to destroy your career they were trying to destroy your business this is an all out war in their plane to when it's time for us to defend our values I want you to imagine what America would look like if Hillary Clinton was actually the president what your imagine what it would look like look at our economy right now goodness so again go online and join a mac for one year for free I also make this clear no credit card needed okay no credit card needed the number you can also is.

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