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I'm worried about gets the under toe. It's Vinnie Penn here with you on this Wednesday. 6 80 w R K o The Voice of Boston. I'm with you all week. Love to hear from me at 617 to 66 68 68 on Twitter. It's act Vinnie Penn, You could e Mail me Vinnie it Vinnie Penn dot net Like Quite a few have been doing the last few days and I sure do appreciate that tried to run a thread through the last hour of the show, So we began talking about this shell game that is student debt relief. And then my old radio co host Glenn back called in to talk, not only China and he kind of surprised me with some of his thoughts there. Um, but moreover, on what he thinks is the future of talk radio. I think we can tie The potential future of talk radio, too. Uh, Education in general, now, not the student debt. End of the equation. But education in general, I was looking at the story, for instance of Meghan Kelly. She's like I'm out. I'm not only in my yanking my kids out of their quote unquote woke school. But I'm leaving New York City all together, and then she details. Some of the assignments. Some of the memos sort of circulated and It's it's insane. Uh, So, as Glenn back says, the problem with the and Biden administration is going to be the FCC. It's going to be the watch stocks. It's gonna be. What did this person say? We've deemed it unacceptable. And believe you may it could be like the most absurd thing. Back and I were doing routines about political correctness being the death of us literally, quite literally in 1997. I don't want to make us ground breakers. So this is but we were doing routines about that on the top 40 station about political correctness. Don't say that this and that. You mark my words a week from Friday is Black. Friday on Lee going to be called Black Friday for so much longer. That will be gone now. I don't want and it's silly. Frivolous, but fine. I'm not the kind of person is like okay, If that's got to go, it's got to go If dwarfism it, it's It's a little people. And we don't say that other word. The M word and okay. And there is a very real ramification. If when it comes to a little person who used the M word, I'm not even comfortable saying, Well, I don't know what kind of a ramification there might be. What's most important here is and I do mean this. Is a management that stands by you. A management that says, Well, we think that's absurd. Now I know they're terrified by the advertising dollars stuck it Hold And sometimes the stories air. I think Megan Kelly's was ridiculous. She quite literally lost a daytime television show because she said she loved Diana Ross so much as a little girl that Where she was growing up in Long Island in the late seventies, she would have gone out dressed is her with her friends is the Supremes for Halloween. And you know, whatever Black face was necessary. She was she didn't get to say goodbye. I was on my show. I mean, that's insane. I was Jimmie JJ Walker. From Good times. One Halloween. And what we did back then. I was like 1980 was my My mother would like a cork. You get a little ashy with a Bic lighter in color in the face Now, I appreciate okay, that's going. It's not enough to lose it. You need managers who will stand up and say no, no, no. Okay, We appreciate it. If you need an apology will get an apology. You're not losing the job here and that schools when teachers go get renegade and start circulating. Outrageous memos and woke assignments. Principles got to stop playing oblivious. My son a couple of years ago was given an assignment to do. He chose to do it on Connor McGregor. We come from a fighting fan of fan of We're fans of pugilists that goes back to my grandfather. Teacher actually pulled him aside and said, Can't you pick a black fighter? To him. He was in fourth grade. Maybe fifth grade. You picked Connor McGregor. And he said, Well, I did Muhammad Ali two years ago. The greatest He could quote calls him the greatest. You'd already the teacher was a little bit embarrassed. She should have been a whole lot of us. Can't you pick up black fighter? I mean, maybe he could have done it his a seven on Jack Johnson. Boxing champ who Trump pardoned posthumously because all the guy did Was crossed state lines with a white woman back in the day. Barack Obama himself refused to part in the guy. Trump pardoned him posthumously. Barely got any attention. Let's grab a quick phone call right now. We're at 617 to 66 68 68. I think it's rust. We've got waiting for us right now. Hey, Yes, sir. Let's put it this way, okay? You can go on Twitter and all this other crap. All are okay and they can easily take off. What? You what you have put but Turk radio. They can't do that. I mean it most like calling. Tried to organize a riot or use a swear word or whatever. Um, you have to cut me off. So it's it's much more There is, Of course, I see this is Radio Free USA, and that's basically what it is. He gives us patriotic conservatives a place where we can vent Because we event can vent on the Marxist media whether it's in print or whether it zits on TV, You know otherwise. What I definitely your photo is, is the book tool. And always remember, you can take a monkey and entertain them in front of the television, But I love it. I love you What You just did right there, though. Boob tube we've only got the clock is ticking on boob too broad that rust. That's that's going to be gone soon. That's the biggest problem is sure you can call into a show and I could do is show it's these the crash course in Ooh, that word's out. It was like I said to Glennbeck, Remember when thug was just suddenly out like you could? I don't know what happened to bone bone. What is it? Bone thugs n harmony like like what Thug was suddenly In incendiary word, and you don't get the memo. We'll be right back. My name is Melissa. And I'm a foster parent with embrace treatment, foster care. My.

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