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Meanwhile on a bench three blocks north of the Franks and beans comic bookstore greetings podcast Audi enzyme chows. How's bland but you can call me chuck now? I know that normally we start off one of these episodes with a hilarious sketch from Franks and beans jeans but unfortunately Virgil had to go out of town suddenly to ten to an emergency medical situation. He wouldn't tell me what it was not exactly only that if he wasn't anywhere else by the end of the day abner wouldn't live to see the morning not quite sure what's wrong with abner. I mean he seemed fine earlier in fact he was rather animated in his response to me when I offered up a replacement sketch. When I'd been writing in which the two of US could do together? The idea filled. It's such exuberant joy that the man just couldn't stop laughing yet in the end he must have felt that it just wasn't within him to truly do might get justice for he walked away from me without another word. He was still laughing. Though that abner such a happy man suffice it to say however that I was left with the task task of providing you dear listener with the information that that will not be as I have previously stated a Franks and beans sketched this instead we will just start the episode off with the theme song without anything at all in front of it. That is of course apart from this little bit right right here and frankly since I've come to the end of it you ignore it completely..

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