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Weeks we could reach a critical point Chris Arnold NPR news this is NPR news good morning from the BBC in London I'm Sarah Hawkins with BBC topline some of our top local stories this hour share prices have fallen again in Europe and Asia with markets unimpressed by government stimulus packages designed to counter the impact of the covert nineteen pandemic and new measures are being put in place to cut down the spread of the virus European Union leaders will continue to hold their summits as video conferences this is a pumpkin into jumping to a new age of regulation and restriction without parallel in peace time the European Union is determined to be seen to be rising to the challenge relaxing rules on how much member governments can subsidize business and encouraging research Kevin Connolly in Brussels elsewhere South Africa has seen another jump in corona virus cases with eighty five confirmed cases officials fear the virus could spread fast in poor crowded neighborhoods most of those with the virus brought it back here from abroad from Britain in particular but eight cases of local transmission have now been confirmed putting pressure on the authorities to try to hold it spread all schools in South Africa have closed from today foreigners traveling from badly affected countries are also barred from entry as of now Andrew Harding in Johannesburg and here in the U. K. the British government is introducing new legislation today that aims to prevent soldiers from being prosecuted for alleged offenses committed in the past overseas human rights groups have criticized the bill saying the move would put the military above the law in London I'm Sarah Hawkins at the BBC I'm Marco Werman preparation as you know is job one when you're anticipating a crisis same goes for our newsroom at the world our reporters and producers are following events in every time zone their contacts include doctors epidemiologists and public policy experts they deal in the facts that can help us live through a pandemic aired be informed listen to the world coming your way beginning at two this afternoon on KQED public radio good morning I'm Rachel Martin this week bars and restaurants across the country are shutting their doors to stop the spread of the corona virus the industry is bracing for big losses and some loyal customers are stepping in just before restaurants closed in Ohio and anonymous donor NT five hundred dollars on a thirty dollar bill as coaches bar and grill in Columbus and in Houston a customer at Irma's southwest lifting nine thousand four hundred dollar tip to split among.

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