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This year, we don't necessarily know how they're gonna check to like a swing like Filipinos formation to the boundary. I couldn't find it anywhere. I went to four games of film trying to find good twelve personnel rents very limited. Right. And so we're not necessarily going to check. So if you figure out how they're going to check in game will then you can start setting up formation of motion. So as to ensure you get al-shabaab backside and then to me every third and five plus is three by one set alshon to the backside. And if they're going to give us an were given the football. I tweeted this out the eagles win this game. L Sean Jeffey has more than a hundred yards receiving period. I would be shocked if the eagles win this and Sean doesn't have a big game. He needs to for the way that they are going to. When you run match coverage match coverage is not designed to take away the outside receiver match coverages designed to take away. The inside receivers the tight ends. The slots those guys who are going to struggle with match coverage because no matter which way, they go. There's going to be a defender. Waiting for them. That's the point of the match they wait until you break. And then they cover you know, which direction you're heading the outside receivers is late coverages. So even though Philadelphia's been running office personnel, and their titles would very strong, and they're still gonna give they're still going to be fine. The little stuff whatever the big players are gonna come on the outside, Sean Jeffrey and the Nelson to a smaller extent as well. Al-shabaab got to be the one who wins in that regard. So yeah, the jet motion to hold Khalil Mack. But if they spend into it, you got the backside match if you want to be able to on those place to interesting notes on that one of the follow up on what you said, the twelve personnel. I saw the same thing. We're seeing statistics out there that are saying that the bears have seen either the least or close to the least amount of twelve percent of the snaps per sharp of balls. That's Warren sharp shot at one eight percent of the snaps. They've seen on defense. This season have come out of twelve personnel. They lead the league in snap seen as eleven personnel at seventy nine percent the next closest seventy-one. Let me tell you right now. I. I watch a one game of rice Callahan. I don't want him playing eleven personnel. Do the stud. I don't get it Asia. Namus Eddie Jackson. You wanna be working inside that not society are exposed Danny trevathan coverage. He's the only one who's bad in coverage. That's it because they have linebackers that can cover two. We'll we'll talk about that. And the other thing I wanted to talk about was that checking to when you see copper wine, and you see a one on one coverage on the backside with house on Jeffrey, our our friend, Marc Scofield who is my co host on the QB SCO show here on bleeding green nation just wrote oppose for pro football weekly. And I got a chance to look at that. And it's funny. He sent me to gifts before he published that peace and both gifts are Nick foles looking out to Al Sean Jeffrey. Yes, putting his open palm down to his right with his right hand taking the snap. And then throwing it to Sean Jeffrey, he's giving the signal of this is you, bud. This is all you. If you go to my falls post on bleeding relation. I talk about the. Faith rose at Nichols ability to make it how he's willing to use his outside receivers in one on coverage. The there's a third down conversion against the Rams I'm for like twenty six yards. It was a huge like gas lighting play for eagles Twitter. This was when we were in the throes like Zakar get ninety five targets game. I'll gets three and big downfield target. And if you watched foles Nick foles looks up at the stat and looks alshon and looks back at the defense like your UC. It's just it's just to leave. There's no way anybody else coming over. And then he's like, yeah..

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