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So you're getting this information. So you can stay on top of the real estate investing world, and that you can be the person that helps a family get into a property that otherwise they would not be able to get into. And that is a great feeling I'll tell you when you sit across the closing table. And you have a mom there in this happened to me a few years ago, and it changed my business. I was sitting in grand prairie in a closing office. And this lady was we were signed the documents. Her hands were shaking, so bad. I wasn't sure that she was even going to be able to get her signature down. And as soon as she signed last pay nine as you know, if you've ever bought a home there's about nineteen hundred feels like signatures. You gotta do. But there's a lot of signature says she got that last signature done. She set the pin down. And I looked. That are not said, congratulations. You just bought a house, and she just burst into tears just the the waterworks came on and was almost unconsolable. And I couldn't tell right off the bat. Whether she was happier. Sad, quite frankly. And I said are you? Okay. And she said, this is the first time my son will be able to have a dog because this is the first time we've been able to have a yard now when something like that happens to it changes. What you do in your business because you understand a lot more of why you're doing the business. We always teach our investors understand the why. Now, most people when they get starting real estate think that they're getting started just because of money while I wanna make a lot of money. Well, and that's a terrible reason it may sound like a great we reason for you right now. But when you're going down that path that's not gonna keep you motivated. Now, can you transition that? From if I'm making ads. These are the things that I'm going to be able to do these are people that I'm going to be able to help these are charities. I'm going to be able to contribute to this tithing. I'm going to be able to do to my church when you transition that way. And you understand why you wanna make a lot of money. That's a huge difference. You haven't experienced like I had with that lady. And you're you're gonna have a motivation that you'll never have to worry about you'll always get up excited about being in real estate where the things are going great at the moment or not you're going to be excited about being real estate because you know, you're going to have the ability to impact people's lives possibly profitably long-term. That's what we teach you. That's why you want to jump over to tax lien,.

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