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And now it's time for a brand new segment. Up this week in annoying as hell animals. Up. This is this is such a weird thing. Every time I see these stories CICADAS are weird as hell, but you know cicadas, a little of the bugs the IT. Is AQUINAS CICADAS I'm GONNA say Sakata. What did you say singling? Say Keta and then if it's wrong Samuel. CICADAS caters are expected to emerge on the east coast. These things that are now going to start flying around everywhere. You'll see him. They've been underground getting ready. As these bugs do for seventeen years, so go into the ground, and then the CICADAS CICADAS, they burrow the way up after years and. They've start flying around and the most annoying animals ever. They sound like this. I'd rather listen to John Sakata. It anymore. That's those are the sounds of camping. It does sound like anything, but usually it's a crickets nine. That is the exact sound. Sounds like something landing on a power line. took. This year's periodical CICADA CICADAS will appear in North Carolina Virginia and West Virginia they are calling. Them brewed at nine. They emerge ground reaches sixty four degrees Fahrenheit exactly and they've been down there. They come out of the ground every seventeen years to mate some appear every thirteen years and there they go. They just in droves, fly all around with a weird bizarre in annoying animal, and that's why it made this week in annoying animals. Much less annoying Sakata John CICADA. Guy. Supposed to be. Love making these. Just another day. This was a jam back in the day. happening..

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