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Morning news sitting in for wendy wendy will be back on monday all right mike you and i big fans of television and actually again if you have not seen one man show tv in me go see it when is the next time do you have plans for it to remount sometime working on something for the first part of next such a great show you'll be the first please please we make the announcement here with us i sure will mean the world to me all right so this place you'll still be in this place yeah yeah yeah last time it was it a different yeah we used to have a different the tribune tower every time i go here the last two times i've come to see you in two different places and there's talk of us moving to the willies weenie wagon we may broadcast from there we don't know yet we're working on us okay mike and i love television trivia and compass by pops pizza the late great papas pizza three went to nine hundred seventy two hundred give us a call and we'll do our best to get you on the air let's start out with daryl who has a question for us darryl go ahead how are you hello you're going to try to stump us daryl with a television question go ahead the announcer from you bet your life that would be george george george feminine yeah no no no have won it was roger feminine no it's george george thinking of roger federer he was the announcer he came on later and then they're like you're wasting talent but has the north backup my toaster and send it yes you must send a surprise now you're afford daryl toaster oh her right yes outsource okay all right thank you daryl buoy yes sir i didn't expect that darrelle henry is in woodridge he has a television trivia question he will try to stop us for everybody in the booth please write down the names and numbers of everybody calling we're doing that tom okay good because somebody's going to be a winner we don't know who yet but we'll pick somebody a random to win some prizes go ahead henry do you have a question for mike and myself yes i'm sure both you gentlemen knowing your age is probably they did quite a few remakes of the brady bunch yes they had everything from a very pretty christmas and so forth well in at least one of the movies they made a specific casting choice that was directly related to someone from the original cast who was that character who was it actor oh i might need more information that you mean like they replaced one of them they didn't replace them but again it was a casting choice of a family member from the original did they incorporate mike looking lands kids or kid you got it yeah giving them like looking land was one of the cameramen so mike looking lynn played bobby brady and they can't his real children as bobby's children exactly actually bobby brady so in other words ended up playing right its own father he became a now it makes sense like look limbic went behind the scene henry let me throw a brady bunch question your way what famous actress played an aunt who kind of had a resemblance to jan brady and brady yeah then you said which which is the adjective fell off their which specific what age or what class action who's the actress who played her aunt does it end jenny character jenny play by oh you're killing me i i should know it but i also very famous husband and television yes well the only one i can think it would be like regis philbin and it was not filled them imaging coca imaging coca imaging toko out there you always surprise surprise we're getting we're gonna have great staff thank you so much thank you care i sure hope people follow through and do as the rules insist and send a surprise it'd be very upset if they didn't let's go to tom he has a question for thompson juliet go ahead tom what is your tv trivia question andy griffith show who is often mentioned but never oh it was mr then they still don't know the name of that actor i remember oh offense never seen but often mentioned oh sarah yeah sarah was the contract with your i guessed.

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