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Good workout in such a short amount of time. So my buddy's super into it and he's really good. I'm just learning. Like, I haven't even learned how to row properly yet. But I still just jump on there and have fun. But we're going to take it to the top of this 13,000 foot mountain and crested Butte. You can take it apart and we're going to carry it out there. And then we're going to have row 5000 meters for time up there and see what we can do. But, you know, just crazy stuff like that. A whole machine, carry it with you, put it back together, row 5000 meters, and then come back down. I love it. Out of the box ideas for sure. And how much running are you doing? So I know people are would love to see Ryan Hall back on the race course. Are you going to be are you going to be racing some 5 ks or this is just for training purposes? No. The only, this is so cool to you. Because the only reason why I used to run was for performance to run fast, right? Now, the only reason why I run is so that I can go out into the forest and bury myself far out there and just enjoy being out there in nature, you know? Fun transportation experience like forest experience, you know. It's just purely for the fun of it. That's it. So it's kind of cool to have that shift in experiencing because it's not like the performance thing is wrong, right? Like we have run free training we're open athletes go after their goals and stuff. And that's cool, but you also got really enjoyed. That was something my dad told me that I always remember throughout my entire career. When I was feeling super nervous before a race, I'd be like, here I am. It's supposed to be fun. Yeah. You're right..

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