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Henry joins us now to kind of bring us up to date on. His community and their preparations. What are you hearing about the track of a storm? Are we feeling? Are you feeling confident that this is going to miss you to the East? We are feeling better. Yes, but all hurricanes are unpredictable. So we don't want to let her guard down until this thing is well past us and out of your Eyes. I think you mentioned it got upgraded to a category three. I just spoke to a weather forecaster. They're anticipating it to become a Category four but then downgrading just before land fall back to a three again. Okay, tell me about this. We talk about the storm coming in. And the first thing we feel are the north winds where we are located where you are, too in Galveston. So that kind of mitigates a little bit of Ah, storm surge that we were so worried about for Galveston Island. It does. But it does not for Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island because those north winds will push water out of the bay onto the base side of those two islands. In addition to that we have Ah record now, with 35 FT waves offshore. That's not indicative of what we can expect is just an indication of the dramatic wave action that we will have. That is not typical. I know Mark you're under constant communication with the National Weather Service and other sources there. What are you? What are you hearing as faras? The timing for Galveston County. But when? When the The tropical storm force. At the very least, tropical storm force or hurricane force. Winds are going to come in and start affecting your community. They will start this afternoon so we can expect some wind activity to 3 P.m.. And then again, I just spoke to the National Weather Service forecast er, their tenants of ours here, and he said that league City area at least going to expect about 45 to 50 knot winds, and that's gonna last were probably six or seven hours. So down power lines down trees, please Batten down all things that could become flying torpedoes and get him put away in the garage or wherever so they don't do damage Somewhere else doesn't look like evacuation orders for the.

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