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This stage of the pandemic. Lead author argues the shot should be given to the unvaccinated instead. Tom Rivers ABC News London Straight ahead, Is it late summer or early fall for some people don't really matter. Three or three traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic guard the threes that expressway. You know what that thing does, Michael? Yes, It's just an awful start. It's Monday. We don't want to deal with this, but we've got to the South Island Expressway just inching along here. Uh, from the O'Neill Tunnel down the right lane breakdown shortly after the gas tank. That's a bad spot there breaks wide open after that, If you can get on at Freeport Street, or maybe Neponset Circle, you're wide open down the brain drain just a struggle getting out of the city North Bong. Not as bad but it is Stop and go from Furnace Brook Parkway, a passing upon its circle. It is Good up towards the tunnel. Got a new problem just happened on 1 28 north and detonates jammed. It's a crash that just happened at room 1 35 2 left lanes are blocked. This might be a bad one southbound delays through dead um, route 19 down past Route One. Now up to the north. I've got delays on three north up after 4 95 from an earlier problem that should ease out. 93 northbound showing no signs of easing out its tough from Sullivan Square up through Medford and conquered straight up to room 1 25 usual delays 1 28 North has come up to Lexington, the Mass Turnpike Scott, stop and go almost a mile out towards 1 28. Downtown. The Tobin Bridge. Outbound is jammed with a breakdown after the City Square tunnel can't quite see which lane is blocked. But it is there. Delays around the loop ramp. Storrow Drive is backed up in and out of Lefferts Circle. The lower deck is just starting to back up now, my king WBC's traffic on the three we've got to clear skies on tap for this evening. It'll get cool in some of the suburbs down into the low to mid fifties 62.

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