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What's great about? That is is that the experience of very comfortable to use the image. Quality is amazing because it's wireless you don't have to worry about connecting PC or being pulled out of the experience. Everything is inside the VR headset may scream easy to the point solution in the classroom. Lenovo dot com slash VR classroom is the place to learn more. That was your tech it out minute. Brought to you by aces. Make two thousand nineteen your best year yet start out with a great night's sleep. How often do you hear your friends and family complained about how hard it is to get a good night's sleep change the way you sleep forever with my pillow. I was a big skeptic with all the hype around my pillow. I can tell you from experience is just not hype. My pillow will help you sleep better and wake up feeling more rested. My pillows are made right here in the USA with one hundred percent machine washable and dryable cotton, and they come with a ten year warranty. You've got nothing to lose. For a limited time, get four my Pillow's. That's right for you. Get to premium my pillows and two go anywhere pillows for half the price and free shipping. They're also extending their money back guarantee until March first two thousand nineteen you won't find this deal anywhere else. Call eight hundred nine four four forty nine seventy five or go to mypillow dot com and use promo code Benson. Mypillow dot com promo code Benson. That's eight hundred nine four four forty nine seventy five or visit mypillow dot com and use promo code. A new year a new you maybe a new smile. Hi. It's Jennifer you're not happy with your smile. Then you need to call my dentist. He is the greatest in all of south, Florida, Dr Jeffrey Cohen, the cosmetic dentist dot com. Five six one nine six seven eighty two hundred that's five six one nine six seven eight two zero zero Dr been in practice for over thirty years and with the same staff I found him because he caters to cowards. When you go there. They get noise. Cancelling headphones sedation laughing gas, they'll give you whatever you need to make you comfortable, and Dr Cohen is the cosmetic dentist. He's one of the most highly recommended Dennis right here in south, Florida. I can't say enough about him. So call today for an appointment five six one nine six seven eighty two hundred tell them I sent you. And your first appointment is complementary five six one nine six seven eight two zero zero Dr Jeffrey Cohen the. Cosmetic dentist dot com..

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