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Pain we just don't even realize it until you are five six years into this and you know you're like wow what a by what have I been doing to myself had emergency originally from Crown Point was living with pain from Crohn's disease and then come to find out you know here in just a few hours drive in a different state the solution set for me that would that I wouldn't have to have been taking pain medicine for fifteen years at that option would have been there for me in Indiana fifteen years ago he agreed to an interview in south bend his solution was to move to Michigan state that allows people to grow marijuana for medicine so it's a frustrating thing but at the same time you know I'm standing here today healthy you're doing things that I never thought was possible for since he says even though it took years of trial and error to find the right kind of plants the right strain of cannabis that would help him once he found that combination he stayed with it he believes that it is not only helped him off of pain meds but also it's called his Crohn's disease to a great degree he rarely has flare ups but when he does he's able to use cannabis rather than opioids and now I can use those hard times that I went through and and speak those words to to help others and hopefully change the laws in Indiana so people like me and can can get the relief that they need without taking pain medication hi William Henry department adjutant for the American Legion department of Indiana the American Legion currently is urging our state legislature to help reschedule.

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