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A out speak okay so another one. They were talking about getting so since that. When there's been like a trickle down effect because people were so mad so now thrown out other names like on sorry speedy gonzales. Was you say. He's he's raised is racist depiction of mexicans or wherever which mexican vendor by the. But i agree. He was kind of a racist is immense local rodriguez. That's yeah it's pretty bad Throw your semi's salmon into can pick environment. Did he was talking about. Man hadn't picking just say to misspeaking came up now look for miss piggy. It's different not because she was a email peak. But i think that her her karma were actually in a relationship. I think he just didn't like public affect public. I don't think he'd like pda on the. It was low key. Yeah they were actually in a relationship. It wasn't like she was Look i don't know it's been a while but from what i remember. They were actually together. He just didn't like when she kissed on the monaro differ. Now somebody brought up a non cartoon From farmers in our writing such a man as in he didn't he didn't want he did not want her advances and she continue to events gifts. But i mean it's a comedy. Do we really have to get that granular about it. I'm just saying if. I mean. I'm just i'm just throwing it out there. You know it's like you getting offended at a comedy show like okay kinda know what you're also so let's go back to michael richards at the left actor. If we if we recall kramer from seinfeld his name august yes so he was saying look. I'm just. I was just doing a bit now. Granted you know that could be whatever but you gotta communist. Might get called out your name. So where do we draw the line. If it's super touchy because if you got if you've gotta let certain characters pass in the name of comedy then that's that's a broad brush stroke with 'cause yin mitterrand's don't pass under the guise comedy so Tried to 'cause they're going to be some some ass home. They try to play the car just to kind of for me and i posted this to facebook today. I'm like i don't care if you cancel something because it offends group visit one because over like it was written one article was written by one person or whatever but if you know if there's an who people who feel offended by something then yeah get rid of it. I can't. I'm not taxed Upset like council conseil. Somebody probably get rid of this right because it's not that deep because that's a black person i can't i wouldn't want somebody else to have that same reaction if our browns something to be racist black and we do that all the time. We have these arguments. Why people like. I don't get it because you are shoes. But they want to know the group says something. We don't agree to these like y'all we saw power. He was black people all snowflakes sensitive. Follow now people. Just don't wanna see women's don't wanna see a rape e character does end up. You know doesn't go. Far women in his widow would yeah it kinda does take the wrong kitchen their grand easy. You said appealing been on tv in a while but it does kind of send that message that this is what you were told as a kid was persistence. We let you and just to clear it up. I'm not saying that what they're bringing to the table about him is wrong. No i'm just saying okay. Yes we we all agree this. This is showing off. you know. Bad habits are bad influence. Let let's change it. It's been off the air for forty years but you may not like it's the simpsons where he is not currently influencing anybody are looney looney tunes. You can't even find it on tv if you leave it on cartoon network or nickelodeon you not see pew for twenty and the twenty four hour block so are not being shown mainly wear it if it wasn't phase mex- coming out and dropping looney tunes on the streaming platform. Then you wouldn't be able to find it unless you might sit on boomerang maybe on boomerang boomerang well okay so out of the box of rain at i've seen recently. It's actually more updated now. Like they're not playing like the flintstones. Scooby doo as much as they were before. Not saying that they are at all like. It's a lot of dexter land of power of girls foster holiday like the old. If you listened to station they play like they might be jaru on oath. Who radio station. Because now you have to move forward. What's considered old school with all this is the i'd you're not gonna find me in the communist defendant under this like mandate ruining my child who you can't because i still hillary i you're not gonna ruin my child and telling me that something was a problem if i look at it. Objectively in my head probably was problematic. Oh johnny bravo was. Why are we talking about newark. Oh yeah yeah. That's one that definitely needs a refresher will throw this out. I don't think johnny bravo was. His problematic is pimping the pew only because he will when women he said no and he was awry. They say no need slapping. He would see what i'm saying like this year. Yeah it over here. Maybe he might pursue residents but it was never touched like Was actively like like bear hugging that check. Whenever she had the white paint stripe going down down at guar. He never put his hands on woman. Now again is. There might be unwanted advances but is as it is. He stopped at some point. There was there was a stopping point for at least one morning where he kept going but he's definitely less from magazine and to me it was. It was one when i seen that article that was like it wasn't one of these like manages. Canceling everything was like. You know what. I can really see the point on why it is probably a good idea to you know. Put the brakes on this. 'cause you don't need some little kids the nfl and that's the way that you need to approach. The you got a little kid plan around like that becomes a rape dope nursing. Saw it on tv. But y- that's the point is that a generational was raised on this to think that this was persist. Because you saw it in the companies do saying let's just persistent are no that is. That's the shit that was just in the white house before we got where he come from a culture. You gotta you gotta search himself. You know no. That's not what you do man or grab them by the you know what. Yeah by the time.

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