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But Twenty year olds. That are like there's going to be invive anyone. Well i was. I was i was talking with a nineteen year old. Who was trying to organize their portfolio to get into sheridan in ontario canada for animation and their entrance portfolio for just for consideration was like the top of my graduating class would have been at right. Yeah and and they had no confidence in it. Just oh i remember. There was for example. Two very young animators in clouds when sand and another. He spent some cabinet and bed in. Betty's from i would see what is want to say. Drunk is from forgot Somewhere in asia. They are drawing us they. They are like miles from the to take ten years for the normal person to get there and and they are humble about it. It's it's once again. I hope they appreciate how much so many people behind them in. How much technology is helping them and take not take it for granted you know. Yeah yeah well like as a as an animator that that's one thing to look at another animators Work i guess but as an animator and a fan of animation. I appreciate somebody who maybe struggled more in the beginning and and got to the level. They're at through the Just keep trying to try. You know that blacksmith. Just hammering away at the iron right and there that really makes me appreciate. There are because knowing that okay. Maybe they didn't take to it right away. Maybe they really struggled to understand. And now they're they went from way over here to way over here and you're like wow maybe there's hope for me so was feeling debt because i remember listening to nick podcasts. From the Break the red cross brothers lois. Two years ago actually heard also your podcast him. It was interesting to was very cool so humble about this stuff. But he's quite a bit of a troublemaker. I guess the the rebel of animation to his postgame like seven years ago or something and he was saying that to somebody like jim boxster just heavy. Naturally they are just yup genius or something but he didn't. He had to struggle in go through all the steps with a lot of efforts. And i actually make me feel much more relate to relatable related to feeling. I don't have it. I thought it was something you had to have an idea and listen. These artists deter top level. Say oh man. I had to to kill myself to get to where i am social policies. Also be like he. He explains that he had when he got into these name. France for example. He was not the best one he was behind. He felt he hit to struggle. So you look at these guys are the best and then you're like okay. If struggled maybe i can get there into the. Yeah so so. You're in romania. How much time goes by before you get a crack at your your first feature production okay. The first feature that shouldn't did is worth talking was glaus but they did actually work in another one. That was worth talking about. All that sad is not worth talking you. I've i've got one of those on my resume to. Yeah after probably. When i come from romania maybe a couple of months. I got one to work on that. But it just for a mexican or something Something like that south america but the trees. That i didn't work on feature film until I work for a commercial for your stuff like that in portugal in little stories mostly fourcade kids shows. That's what portugal head. I dunno even at the time now but at the time.

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