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One ten thirty tells us ninety three northbound has a pothole repair crew plucking the center lane by Concord St delays getting by that David struggling WBZ traffic on the three C. B. D. is now available it's one hundred percent natural one hundred percent money back guarantee effective full spectrum ham boiled regency B. D. visit C. B. D. bio naturals dot com that is C. B. dean bio naturals dot com bright sunshine in Boston already up to forty degrees here in the city and the sun all day high temperatures eventually get to the this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never certainly the warmest day of the week this week however will see sunshine for most often in milder than average temperatures over the holiday good Monday morning I'm Jeff brown thanks for being with us here are the five things you need to know at nine fifteen under crushing criticism over the handling of the seven thirty seven jetliner the CEO of Boeing Dennis Marlon Byrd resign US soldier has died in combat in Afghanistan marking the twentieth combat deaths in the country United States forces this year Saudi Arabian court sentences five to death in connection with the killing of Washington post columnist Jamal Khashoggi two suspects in a high park armed robbery expected to face charges in court today and Volkswagen right so huge check to Massachusetts after it runs into trouble with U. S. regulators WBZ's Charlie Bergeron says this new found money going to be put to good use seven and a half million dollars is the compensation to the state from Volkswagen from a judgment for illegal tampering a vehicle emission control equipment that money will be used to pay for a number of projects including electric cars liquid propane gas school buses cleaner diesel trucks and a marine shore power installation governor Charlie Baker says three quarters of the funding will go toward areas where there are high populations of minority low income or low English proficiency residents the governor says the projects will help produce cleaner air for the state Charlie merger.

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