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Go across town for dining Al fresco or go for a hike in a park that might not be accessible or readily accessible by a car. So all these decisions collectively add up and this is what you end up with, very heavy and slow traffic, very difficult to get around and also it's usually spiked with a little adrenaline too as we come out of hibernation. And so we end up with some bad crashes right off the bat in places where traffic breaks loose. So what I've got to keep in mind is the place to walk or to hike is not always in your neighborhood. You got to drive there first. That's kind of what we're dealing with. As long as you're here, Dave, let's get an update on traffic patterns in our area post COVID or whatever the heck we're calling this period that we're in. Our Mondays and Fridays generally pretty easy and then the middle of the week still a little worse or do you see something different? Yeah, generally that's still the case. I don't have any new analytics or data to back that up. But Friday afternoons used to be the most feared because of more telework now, though, Mondays and Fridays, a little bit easier. The warm weather rule that can always throw a wrench into it. Any idea of whether we're level not that I'm dreaming of the bad old days of Monday through Friday, the beltway jammed constantly. We remember all that. It's nice to be able to kind of be able to count on getting to your destination pretty quickly, but any sense of whether we ever get back to that. Well, you get a taste of it on warm weather days like today. There are places where we don't have rush hours anymore like the Dallas toll road, more white collar workout and herndon and Sterling out on the two 67 corridor. That remains to be seen. But rush hour was back in full force just like the bad old days today. All right, Dave dill dine working hard for you a little overtime for Dave here as we take a look at why warm weather prompts us all to just jump in our cars. We've got cap trade news a couple of well-known faces moving out of here. What do the caps get in return in a new coaching? Well, I should say a new coach with a lot of star power for the commanders. Rob's got all that just ahead on WTO. And United bank, the community bank of the nation's capital, we know the financial decisions you're making to keep your families and future secure, with a long history of safe, sound, relationship driven banking practices, we provide our customers

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