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Appearance by Mike. Variable of the Tennessee. Titans Ainley on. Wync is always right here on the rich Eisen show. Nbc S. N. NBC. Will be the home of live. Golf along with NBC and Golf Channel. This weekend how phenomenal is this? I can't wait for this and I'm so excited for. I'll even overlook the fact that doesn't Johnson's May did. Look to be the same height as rory mcilroy. This problem shorter tailor-made driving relief. Two teams one. 'cause Lot Sunday to eastern time Rory Dustin Veep Ricky Matthew Wolf for covert relief and for our viewing pleasure. Brandel Chamblee of the golf channel. Joining me here to wrap up this Friday show and actually preview a live sporting event. How about that brattle? I'm tickled pink about. Thanks for having me on rich talk about some real sports realize right. How about this? I'm going to. This is Great Christopher ready for this. I'm going to set the how this real sports question. How does the course set up for all right? How about how about that? That's a real question. I can't stream ozark to house of cards anymore. Four okay okay to watch. How did it set up? I mean that's a big unknown. I mean this is one of the most mysterious I think Reputable clubs in world think of Augusta national having never hosted the masters. That's kind of what we're talking about here with this golf course but I think Roy is probably the most familiar with it. His father's a member and these great friends with the president. There Jimmy Johns Roy's played at the best. But it's a it's a wide open. Venue basically But with a lot of just diabolical sorta green complexes so I think you know given the fact that three of the guys in the forest some of some of the longest hitters in the game. And then Ricky's probably although not sure it. Probably one of the best if not the best part of the game so this could be like an all out brawl. It could be like the equivalent of pool sharks having trick shot contest. It could be a hell of a lot of fun to watch why I'm looking forward to that. And which which team do you think has the advantage going in? That's that's another sports question. I'm this is a great on paper. Rory Dustin. You're talking about who are the most dominant players last thirty years? Only two players have held the number one spot in the world longer than rory and only four players the number one spot in the world longer than Dj. But then. I think you know the Golf Fan knows Matt Wolf but I think those are tuning in and there'll be a lot of those. I think that are not that familiar with the game ago right. I think they've got gotta be absolutely have their mind blown by the swing of Matt Wolf. It is the most. Maybe the most unusual golf swing professional golfing has ever seen but he swings the club about one hundred twenty five miles an hour. So if you're a baseball fan. This is like Chad Broadway. Going it as fast as Nolan Ryan. That that's what we're going to see here like this crazy. Funky action where you sit and you're GONNA go. What in the hell was that? And it's because he swings so hard and destined hits it so far and Roy so far it could be a lot of you know a lot of trash talking a lot of catch that United. Catch that or so. It should be a lot of fun on top of being you know. I think Pretty Competitive Brandel Chamblee of the Golf Channel here on the rich. Eisen show again for those who may not know about seminole golf club You obviously alluded to How few times it it holds anything I'll give you the floor and About this golf course and what we're going to see on Sunday. Well it's known as a masterpiece designed by fellow. Donald. Ross who designed it only gosh hundred years ago? And it's it's known for. It's really difficult green complexes and within the world of golf course architects lovers. Some would argue that it is the greatest second shot golf course so the most difficult second shot off course in the world because the Greens are pitched sharply back to front crowns false bronze insides and the conditions. Are you know tight? Fairways really you know. Unpredictable wins so it's IT'S A. It's a very difficult golf course but looks Kinda easy. But it'll be beautiful because it's packed right hard against the the Atlantic And and I think there's you know we're GonNa hear the players that are gonNA be miked up likely they gotta to be some great exchanges and it gives All the players sort of a chance to show off well Donald Ross had some awful evil things in his mind back in the day when he was designing golf courses. Brand along with wapping on golf course up in West Hartford which I was a I played out when I was out of. Espn it was a donald. Ross course the false fronts were absurd just absolutely. It turned me into Mush by the end. We all know. Pinehurst is another Donald. Ross correct right. That's right you know I. I played the ninety nine. Us Open at Pinehurst. I drove it perfect every day on the fifth hole. I only had eight iron in there every day and I never sniffed it in the Green. And that's a joke. My Caddie that was harder to hit than the tropical mosquito. And that's and that's the green complex dollar off their these perched up little greens they look big enough but when you actually get up there there. There's big as your kitchen. You know I mean you gotta hit the perfect shot ship the perfect way with the right amount of span and the right trajectory and then the very next all you'll have different wins because the holes move around in different directions so it will challenge and it does challenge the best players very many times. You know when you walk off the golf course you think. I cannot believe I shot seventy seven or.

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