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To be rebuilt or start new whatever I do I want to start correctly from the ground so it's six zero one here's a here's the thing I don't know if you remember when we used to have all these different standards of wifi and sometimes you can get on this wifi but you can get on that Y. fi maybe remember when like a certain printer would only work with this version of windows and it wouldn't work on a mac and you know it would okay and you know it's just it was a complete nightmare like okay let me tell you kids this is the way it used to be but truth be known you know we went through a lot of headaches to get our stuff up and go away now when we're looking at home and smart home technology we're kind of in that same boat I don't know if you've heard me talk about this on the air but I'm actually building a brand new house A. M. and building a house I had no idea how much work it was okay I'm just saying okay I didn't realize how things like what do you mean it doesn't have a sewer would cost you like seventy five thousand dollars okay and I didn't understand that you know telephone bills that have been up since the fifties they can cause some major issues okay so I'm learning as we go and one of the big requirements as you might guess in my home is I want a totally smart home okay because the house that we're in now we remodeled say fifteen years ago and so it's getting a little long in the tooth you know what I mean yeah and when we bought that house we had to rewire the whole thing and I don't want to have to require anything nothing because that's that's a nightmare definitely not my first choice no I I mean if if I could do anything to dissuade you from requiring a current house I would I would I would go to you I would I go to Eugene we have lunch and I'd say you this is something life is too short for you to rewire house okay another big problem I have is rural and so I have the satellite internet.

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