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Conversely, the wrong color is a disaster. The choice of color is the color of money. Even if you think about ornament, whereas I looked it up. It set for 2020 Think about this black represents 22. A half percent of every car that's purchased in America White is 19 and three quarters percent Gray is 17.36% silver 15.64%. That's over 75%. In those simple basic colors were all familiar with. Yes, those are the colors of choice on that. Is the monetary value of the color because I read an article that said, five years from now, when you go to sell that car, you will get a significantly higher price and value. If you have it in those colors that is the color of money. And tonight show that's exactly what I want to talk about. I wanna monetize everything. I want to talk about the color of money. Speaking of quality, always colorful, my son my calls my lawyer, Jesse Weber. Jesse, You got a favorite color? I do. I do. I like color. I like to change it up. It gets a little bit of personality. My eyes are like a bluish green. So here's a little tip guys, depending upon what your eye color is. I like to wear blue. It makes the eyes pop, especially if you're on camera. That's a little tip. So I like wearing blue. I really like wearing pinks. Believe it or not. When it's summertime, it adds something white pants. You look like a million dollars my wardrobe, though my professional wardrobe is pretty classic, I stick with Navy's I stick with Grace. I do do a little bit of like, you know, a little designs. I do a little bit of stripes. I had a little bit of personally, but it's pretty conservative. Now. Well, if I go for it, I wear their most outrageous shirts. I just bought green pants where you know blue pants with Yusa on them. I like to go for it. That's where my personality shines. I feel like I have a little bit more Willie way when it comes to golf. But I think colors very important. I believe color can be occasion driven. That's my take. What about you? But first I want to comment. I think your suit's a perfect But your casual not so there's so many misses you try and be very shop. Yes, simply choices. You could look better consistently, although I will agree that your golf is strong, but Color suits you as well as classic I don't know. Yes, my opinion. I'm simple. I've taken simple to an art form. I wouldn't use the word simple with you. I'd say you're predictable. And you're boring because pretty much everything that you have is the same thing over and over and over again. Your suit, sir. Navy, your suits or gray, casual black golf, white pants black. I mean, you're just You're a cartoon character. I've said it before. You're boring. You know, when you turn on a cartoon, they're wearing the same outfit every episode. That's you. Let me tell you something. If there was a manhunt for you, and they needed to go through surveillance footage like street cams, I'd be able to pick out one second. Like Where's Waldo? Huh? Your will is well, though, that's what you are. Let me ask you Do I look good? Yes, you do. Look good. Don't I look consistently good. Ah, other than your pants being so baggy, you could fit like a village in there. I would say you're consistently good. Um, Mr Ballerina Pants to ever embarrass you. You embarrass me? No, no. So what's wrong with consistently good. You're boring to you on one of my here to impress you with my wardrobe selections. I'm here to look my best. Don't you think you should have some fun and experiment once in a while? I remember back in the day You had purple sweaters. You had a yellow sweater. All right, All right. All right. You know you bring up a point, okay? I've never given much thought to fashion except once in a while Something breaks through to May. I'll never forget I was in London are sitting at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. That's why I told tell of choice in Knightsbridge. Sitting there with my boss. We're having breakfast and this toll thin, great looking Asian guy came in, and he was wearing gray slacks, Black shoes, a white shirt with a pink sweater. I'll never forget how amazing that looked up because he was so thin he tucked in his sweater, and I thought it look fantastic. And it really got me going. Coming going. I really started changing my wardrobe. I got into Chino tan pants. I loved tan pants because of this guy worked with white T shirts or a pink sweater. I tried to light blue sweater. Black was always my basic. I went to I worked with blacks suede shoes on a black suede belt. Stainless steel blackface watch once in a while because I was wearing the lighter colors like Pinker Tan. I wore brown suede shoes with a brown suede belt. It was perfection. Perfection, Salmon, Las Vegas and I'm feeling good and I'm starting to play with color and I figure you know, I like this part of my world. And do you remember purple? Jesse? Um, my gosh. That was amazing. So I'll tell the audience. What happened. We're on the elevator. I'm feeling good aware, my light purple sweater figure and I'm cool. I'm into color. So what happens is we go down. We're in the elevator. A few people in the elevator. We stopped at a floor and the elevators too crowded for the person. To come in. And right as the doors are about to close, all you hear from the person who was waiting to go on the elevator. All you hear is purple and the doors closed. Jared and I are hysterically laughing. People in the elevator were giggling. I was like one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life Purple. Well, there's a great example about trying too hard with color, so I went down to the main floor. All the boys will be right back. Went up to my room. Put on my black sweater came back down. Change my shoes. The black suede on I never wore purple again. You're ridiculous. As historical as that is, it's one time and you give up Well wasn't one time. You know, I've told this story before. I remember going to a very important dinner. I was representing my company. We were meeting with the then governor of New York Big dinner, a lot of people being honored and just so happened because of our connection. We were gonna go shake the gold in his hand and center, etcetera, etcetera. At the time we had a great shirt in a company called Chiana. It was a nylon knitted dress shirt is beautiful, silky looking. Had no business being that there's only one kind of dress shirts called white. That's called cotton. But leave it to me. I wore a light are in shirt with an orange and navy tie, and I went and I met the governor. Remember when he looked at me? Holy look to me. It just wasn't right. That night. I got home and we all had pictures. I had my picture with me and my wife and the governor. I looked at myself. Navy suit are in shirt navy in orange time. It said Since he had you let me leave the house like this. I look ridiculous. I can't believe I did this to myself. And I give you my word of honor That next day, I stood in front of the mirror throughout every single short ahead. That wasn't white. I put on my white dress shirt with the Navy suit, Navy tie looked in the mirror and I realized I can't look any better than this. And right then and there. I made a decision to wear a white shirt every day to work. And for the next 15 years I wore that white shirt with the Navy or gray suit. And that was it. All right. You made some mistakes. So what's your answer that you just You just give up. You look great Before now, you're just saying all right? My answers to be boring color is money. Kohler is money. I never forget. When I was in the gulf business. We're talking about colors and one of the guys A salesman is very classy guy. Said. There are only two kinds of ways. Guys get dressed in golf. Said. One guy comes in wearing a purple shirt, purple sweater, purple pants and purple shoes. Mark that's one way to dress. Wow. Look at.

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