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Anthony smith closed the show with a first round submission win over ryan span. This is one way traffic from start to finish. Have these books tremendous and we didn't get to really hear first half of his post fight interview with michael things but he was fired up. Called alexander rackets seems like racquet zinn for that and i think we gotta fight bruin for maybe december probably in a main event of a fight. Night carts or sean will begin with you. Anthony smith this guy as we talked about on our preview show he's experienced the highest highs the lowest of lows not just the fcc but all around the country around the world's doing the damn thing for a long time to see this guy you know in tough spots couple bad losses comeback win three in a row the way he has. What are your thoughts on lionheart. What he's been doing what he did tonight to ryan spin man. I mean i just what a unique cat. He is right like what unique character he is for his. I think casey maybe you said something about this tonight. Of just how unique. His road has been and sort of everything that he's gone through and it the honesty that sort of brings to all of it right like he always feels like very genuine when he's speaking. I absolutely adore. Would he has been able to do over the last year. He they keep throwing him. These tough tough up and comers and he's not complaining and he just keeps beaten them back with a ferocity and with an ease. That is just consistently impressive like tonight. It was absolutely fantastic and at this point he has now five first round finishes since two thousand eighteen as time with luke gave for the.

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