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Twenty bucks for it. That makes me think. Oh did you hear it Leslie? I know I know I just I. I always give the benefit of a doubt to these people and obviously I am always wrong so so anyway my grade. Yeah I'm GONNA give it. I'm going to give it a see. I'm just going to say it's it averages out to a C. Had A couple had a couple of days. You're going to be able to see ya gotta go with the Plus just because I mean a like the Constantine stop. There was some good stuff in here. But just like this stupid. I mean especially Superman. Stoppages brought it down for me so you know just like many bad decisions again. Electric Justice League dark film with Constantine fighting a supernatural Dylan which is what Justice League dark. That might have been good. Well we got one of those movies already but again. It's like our. Should we still be making stupid mistakes? Fifteen movies in no we shouldn't accept CC all I get the feeling that you say. Oh yeah they're this. You sent American versus South Dakota. But they're animated universe. Basically the debt came everything that came out of their Batman animated series. And then there's the DC Louis Movie univ- a cinematic that. Is this fifteen bills. That the whole thing. Well it's a whole. The whole thing is the problem and I don't think it worked out very well to watch the world birth.

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