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Studios in new york city leads the white herd than you here's prune right here give to the show bill rider with you a 'nother ridiculous call this one a few moments ago came a breakout level but you know what it certainly looked to me and clue and picky i'm just assuming hickey agrees action and ask him and everybody else he does everybody else on twitter but it was just a powerful vicious clean hit and it leads to a penalty and leads eventually to a touchdown for the bucks seven seven or the rules out of control the rules being applied properly mike prayer joins me in just about fifteen minutes perfect god have on the show we'll talk about that steelers patriots final call and just the state of officiating where it's that one is gone out but right now talked about something pretty bunkers and pretty amazing i am not messing with you here by the way this is the real thing look at amazon little crazier is fine amazon agrees and never laude if you and i were sitting around you know you bumped into me echo your bill writer i recognize your voice or whatever hey you wanna get a beer will get the b right cup of budweisers and let's say is like hated honest question yeah what's up do you believe in likeness monster like i want now but it's funny big out geico let me at his bill yellow tempted to go do you believe in bleak foot they can i want not really although a guy worked with in los angeles guy's name is demag work on the board and in la spends his hardearned money to go on big foot safaris in like the upper northwest portland seattle like the homebased they go out of the woods and he claims he seemed when he's a rational guy but other none ira as long as you may remember on the third budweiser rise now you're feeling really like whatever going can ask do you believe in aliens my answer yes there are so many planets in such an infantry adoptions that i've i absolutely believe an intel response i believe in intelligent life now i believe it made its way to earth i noise down crazy i don't understand what this isn't a bigger de another now dad's been wrote about it cbs sandwiches cbs news is excellent streaming service which i'm on a couple.

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