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Of the wall. Oh, my goodness! Backto back fly balls. Driven by the wind, both with catches by outfielders at the top of the wall to take a home run away Jake Cave with a superb play another high fly ball riding the wind. He timed it just right would have been out. Wow. You're right there on that ball. You get it up there It is just gone. Good swing for Cameron Maybin. You didn't used to be able to do that. Get the ball in the year to talk advantage of a wind today. I like I like his approach to hitting now. Grayson Greiner. Step to the plate in a tutu game. He swings and hits a high fly ball shallow Center field cable come into left center and makes the catch. Two outs. That's just a pop up that didn't go anywhere. Instructing the future is brought to every game by Nika B. W local 58 powering Michigan the best contractors the best electrician's period. Case you missed the news, Alex Fado and Matt Manning the next two prospects at Toledo. Practice facility have been shut down for the rest of this year with four arms streams here that just precautionary, I would think change up strike. Tigers or not take any chances with those arms have been feeling it and instead of letting it get worse, that they just Shut it down right and get them ready for next year. Clipper right hander into his motion to strike one fastball off the plate away to s operettas two to tie. We're in the fourth inning. We know this guy could get the ball. Up in the year. See if you can lift one off. Tyler Clippard when he threw in Clifford's throws a fastball 89 looks like 95 really does. 11. Spider down in away two and one on the sock operettas. I give up. Generally a lot.

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