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Hundreds of people fight in a field over the name. Josh honey is radioactive from nuclear bomb tests and a woman is accused of stalking a police officer who previously arrested her first stalking. These are the weird stories for wednesday on weird af news. This is the only daily weird news podcast by a comedian. Very happy. you're here. I got some weird stories from around the world. And i got a new piece of sound equipment. Enjoy it. Hundreds of people fight in a field in nebraska over the named josh. A lot of josh's gathered to brawl over the right to their name over the weekend. Dozens of people in fact named joshua they met in lincoln nebraska and they held a battle over the name joshua on april twenty fourth. The winter not surprisingly was josh tiny. Josh to be exact. He's a five year old boy. He was coronated with the burger king crown after a massive pool noodle fight. They use pool noodles. Guys know at pool noodles are they were invented to float their flotation device primarily but quickly. Most of us appropriated these devices to smash cousins in the face. Anybody else just me. Okay josh from all over the country. I'm talking about the u s survey and there are a lot of josh's in the us of they flocked to air park in lincoln nebraska. For saturday's of the joshes. How did this come about. I'm so curious it seems very fun. I wonder if there's going to be a battle of chris's and i would have to. Of course show up and fight for my rights to my name is video of this. And i watched a little bit of it. It's a pretty fascinating. It doesn't look very organized. Bunch of people named josh. I assume are smashing. Each other with pool noodles some addresses spiderman. Some as batman some are just as spartan warriors. It looks like a lot of fun not gonna lie. I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon. If my name is josh and i'm stuck in lincoln nebraska where there's really not much to do i assume what what is there to do in nebraska in general. Is there some sort of sports hall of fame. They've got nothing nothing in nebraska in the video. You can hear spectators chanting josh. Josh josh josh. They're not chanting joshua it's too long. They're chanting josh. Josh josh. Can you imagine being a spectator to this. I would have to get very high end or drunk. And maybe like if i felt like participating if i felt like i wanted to take over the name josh for myself i suppose i could have fought for it. So how did this come about. The events origins date back to last year. When someone named joshua swayne twenty two year old student in arizona became very overwhelmed with boredom amid the covid nineteen pandemic so he messaged another joshua swayne and another joshua swayne on social media. So a bunch of josh lanes talking. The first josh challenged the others to addul over the right to their name. The first joshua swayne was very very upset that his name was extremely common and he wasn't able to get it on social media handles and whatnot. This is what the beginning of the this was sort of the genesis of his frustration so he challenges the other joshes online in the antics go viral it completely went viral. And that's how you can have an event where hundreds of people show up now as far as the battle for josh swain specifically only one of the challengers showed up so it was one josh swain against another josh swain and they battled in a grueling tournament of rock paper scissors and the original. Josh swain from arizona won the battle allowing him to claim the title of the true josh swain. We live in such a weird world whereas stuff like this can happen. I find it fascinating. It's very novel. I enjoy novelty the weirder. The better had i known about this. I'm yeah it takes a lot to get me to nebraska. I have to say not to say that. I would have attended this however if there was a battle for the name out there i would consider consider doing you quit your job in nebraska to battle for your name so fun. I love weird shit like this and to be completely honest. I can absolutely empathize with josh swain's frustration. Because i often find my name is duplicated. It's very plain chris. Jones super plain also. Jones e. is very common nickname. So it's difficult for me to get social. Media handles like jones e. That's why on all my social media. It's funny jones. Because i can get that one i can. I can't really get jones e. Although i have jones e. dot com and i got that one was pretty crafty to get that one very proud of that and if you happen to be bored. Checkout jones e. dot com. You can also email me at funny jones and jimmy dot com and my instagram at funny jones. And i'm just going to use this opportunity to pimp out all my social media some at funny jones on twitter. Okay by american honey is radioactive from decades of nuclear bomb testing. We a new study found that bees have been harvesting elevated levels of irradiated pollen for decades in the us. The world's nuclear powers have detonated more than five hundred nukes in the surrounding atmosphere over the years. These explosions were tests and shows of shows a force to rival nations and eventually proof that countries like russia france and the us have really mastered the science of the bomb and the world's honey industry has suffered for it according to a new study published in nature. Communications honey in the us full of fallout lingering. From those feerick nuclear tests over the years for the study researchers collected honey samples from more than one hundred hives and soil samples from one hundred and ten locations across the eastern united states..

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