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The move tackle Bryan Bulaga set to sign with the LA Chargers former linebackers Blake Martinez and Kyle faculty to sign with the New York Giants yesterday the team also announcing they will retain wide receiver Jake Moreau and Allen Lazard I'm Kevin wells newsradio WTMJ this is our American stories in this next story comes from lily dancing this piece was originally written in psychology today for her mother and father I was ain't the first time my father and I spoke about heroin he was working on the sculpture sitting cross legged on the floor with his curly hair hanging down over his face I started his bookshelf producing a six part volumes in the pages of one I found a piece of tinfoil pulled into a square and marked with small circular burns never seen like it but I had a hunch this peculiar objects had something to do with his drug habit last what's this he found in the same way you would when I declined to try out a new drawing technique but I knew I wasn't the source of his disappointment this time some ten seconds ticked by before he finally answered that's from doing drugs it's from a long time ago it was just there was another pause get listed overcome him because even confessed that the tinfoil square wasn't actually from not long ago so he showed me that he'd stop using drugs again unless doing better this time smelling.

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